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As I am sure you have all noticed, we've had the same rediculous poll/survey on the front page of SWR for quite some time. I would like to hear your ideas about polls/surveys. Please post here your poll question and poll options. Please keep them appropriate and Star Wars related if possible. All polls will be considered.
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Which region of the SW galaxy would you live in?


Deep Core - Byss baby!

Core - For the rich and powerful...

Colonies - Merchants FTW

Inner Rim - Perfect place for a family.

Expansion Region - Corporations will rule!

Mid Rim - Leave me alone.

Outer Rim - Freedom!

Unknown Regions - What's this...?

Wild Space - Hello?

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This isn't a true "poll" thread that Stratus speaks of. It can work, but results won't be tabulated. You have to open a "new thread" and make it a "poll" with your selections denoted for choosing when others respond.


Since I'm here ... the "Unknown Regions" for me :D

Finally, after years of hard work I am the Supreme Sith Warlord! Muwhahahaha!! What?? What do you mean "there's only two of us"?
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I've a few suggestions if it's not FAR TOO late to be putting them forward?


Admittedly some are better (and cleaner) than others:


1. Who in Star Wars do you most try to emulate/have most in common with, in real life?

(could keep the character names/options same as current poll, though please separate Han/Chewie and pretty please add Thrawn :wink: )


2. Who's your favourite Star Wars Villain?

-emperor, vader, maul, tyranus, grievous, boba fett, jango fett, jabba, thrawn


3. Who's your favourite Star Wars Hero?

Luke, Han, Leia, Chewie, Lando, Obi-Wan, Yoda, Mon Mothma, Ackbar, Wedge, R2-D2, C3PO


4. What's your favourite Star Wars quote OR What Star Wars quote do you use most in real life?:

Han - "I KNOW" [in response to Leia's: I love you]

Ackbar - "It's a trap!" (especially after seeing a certain episode of Big Bang Theory :D )

Obi-Wan - "these aren't the droids your looking for" (classic)

Jabba - "Di-De Jedli" (know the one I mean? Not sure that is Jabba?)

Han - "Let's blow this thing and go home!"

Biggs - "At that speed will you be able to pull out in time?!"

Emperor - "I know a great deal, about a great many things." (I've personally used this a few times in real life, always make me chuckle)

Criminal, cantina (name?) - "He doesn't like you...I don't like you....YOU'll BE DEAD!"

Vader, eps.3 - "NOOOOOOOOOOO!" (can't see that getting any votes :lol: )


-there's probably lots I haven't thought of and/or better than the ones I have; so this one needs a little work.


5. What Star Wars ship do you like the most?

-Imperial star destroyer; Mon Cal cruiser; Corellian corvette (aka blockade runner); Imperial shuttle; X-wing; A-wing; B-wing; Y-wing; Tie fighter; Tie interceptor; Nebulon B frigate (aka medical frigate); Death Star; Millenium Falcon; Slave 1. (have I missed any from the films?)



I just had to include the one below, hope you don't mind - hopefully it'll make someone smile:

















6. What's your favourite Star Wars porno?


A. "The Phallic Menace"

Join Darth Vader on his leather clad tour of Imperial garrisons through out the Galaxy. - He knows how to keep morale up!

-'StormTrooper Weekly' said: "If you like guys...and you like leather,,,then you'll love this"


B. "Attack of the Groans"

Join the clone troopers in their galaxy-wide gangbang adventures - they'll force the whole Galaxy to cum together... or die trying.

-'Senator's Inside' magazine said: "Hardcore at its finest!...highly recommended"


C. "Revenge of the Quif"

See what happens when Princess Leia becomes Lady Leia, the newest Dark Lord and Dominatrix of the Sith! She takes on all-cummers in this 4 hour extravaganza

-Anonymous movie goer said: "...yeah... it was great, especially chapter 2, Lesbians of Alderaan - awesome!...but...that last scene...her and the...the emperor - that's...that's gonna haunt me for the rest of my life - that's just wrong..."


D. "Family Wars"

Keeping it in the family with Luke and Leia - special appearance by D.Vader for the all-star, all-action, "HOE-DOWN"!!

-'Rebels & Republicans' said: "WHAT?!? They're brother and sister! - you sick f*ck: get out my office, I'm calling security!"


E. "The Beast Bites Back"

What Chewie, Leia and the gang really did, to get the primitive ewoks to fight a bunch of gun carrying, super-weapon toting, imperial bad asses AND WIN!

-' The Galactic Censorship Committee' said: "inter-racial extreme hardcore - bordering on b*stiality! As you can imagine we had a tough time with this one...but technically no animals were harmed in the making of this movie...so we had to let it go. - What some people will do for money, eh?"


F. "Return of the Drildo"

See what happens to imperial prisoners in R2D2's dungeon of device bondage - witness C3PO's real golden hind! (CAUTION: EXTREME CONTENT)

-'Fat man in bar' said: "That's the sickest sh*t I've ever seen!" - you'll not find a better recommendation than that!

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Maybe other IPs as ideas for Rebellion modding (Wing Commander and Star Trek are more obvious ones, though I wonder if something like Star Fox/ Mario Bros/ Final Fantasy would work as well)

On 12/15/2021 at 2:35 AM, Stratus said:

So....any ideas for new polls? ?


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