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Anyone else played SupCom 2 yet?


I must say, I feel a bit disappointed. While many of the good stuff from the first part is carried over, the second installment seems a bit watered down compared to its predecessor. On the upside: the levels are much more interesting in the scenery department.


Don't get me wrong though, SupCom 2 still feels great to play, but it just doesn't feel like the original. It lacks a lot of strategic depth the original had.


On the plus side: SupCom 2 seems to go easy on the system now, not as much slowdown that I used to experience (and I do think myself somewhat of a fancy rig owner).


All in all, when it comes down to the two for multiplayer internet/lan play, I think I will stick with the first game.

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True, but the really strategic playstyle is as good as gone now. No 'simple' missions which expand into a 5 staged grand assault on an immense base any more. Game play is faster paced now.


Even though mixed unit tactics generally is a good idea, once you got a multitude of experimentals rolling of the assembly line it really doesn't matter.


Campaign is cut into three (duh), but in order to access Illuminate or Cybran missions you first have to work your way through the UEF chapter. Cybran comes in dead last, my favourite side even. :(


Still have mixed feelings over this title. It feels like a mix between SupCom 1 and Demigod. Not that there is anything wrong with that. 8)

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