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SOGE beta test (yes Rebellion!)


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please post here if you are interested in the beta test for SOGE. We need to setup SVN access and a few other things (might just post a download have to discuss it)


This version cleans up a lot of issues with previous versions and includes four working races. Imperials, Alliance, Confederacy and Republic


abilities are not fully implemented and the research tree is not completely fleshed out. We are looking for feedback



As soon as we have a distribution set up the link will be posted here.


EDIT: Yes Rebellion. Mantis is down

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Ok I am at your disposal since this mod is insanely awesome.

I have registered both here and on mantis.


I have also left a bunch of feedback in your thread on Stardocks mod thread in the past during .90 release and I am looking forward to assist whatever limited knowledge I have of technical issues.


Also I know nothing of textures, density limitations or any of the sort but thought you might appreciate if not use? this http://www.foundation3d.com/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=31494&d=1253551955

You can browse the entire catalogue. He/she/whomever made them are very good :)


Anyways ready to be approved.

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