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New Member Query RE Stats Cards


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Hi All. I'm a new user logging on in Australia. It's Wed 3 Dec 2008 here as I type. I've been a Rebellion player for five years now, but only just decided to join a forum. I've enjoyed playing 'Rebellion' these past five years, but now I want to make some changes to what is my favourite game (Australian English language spelling by the way being typed here). I note with the Rebellion Editor there are lots of stats cards. My first question of the forum is to do with galactic geography:


Q. Do the stats cards include planet cards as well?


The reason I ask is that some of the sector names in 'Rebellion' don't reflect the geography of Star Wars folklore, and that especially applies to the core worlds. The Kuat Sector and the planet Kuat specifically, site of Imperial Star Destroyer construction, is missing from the 'Rebellion' galaxy. I'm wondering:


Q. Can you rename the existing planets within the largest galaxy (the one with the 200 planetary systems; the size of galaxy I prefer to play in)?


Q. Can you make new planets and therefore have more than 200 planets; or am I confusing issues associated with source code to that of editing?


Q. If a person wants to insert the Kuat Sector into the 'Rebellion' galaxy, is the only way to do that to overwrite an existing planet or sector of planets?


Q. If the answer is to overwrite planet names, how do I do that?



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Howdy, and welcome. I think I can answer your questions.


1. There are no planet cards. With the editor though, you can change the names of the galaxies and the planets.

2. Yes, if you have the patience to sit there and retype the names to what you want them to be

3. No, there is no way to add additional planets, or to have more than 10 planets per galaxy

4. Yes

5. Once you have RebEd installed, there is an option on the main menu called "Galaxy Editor" or something like that. When you go into it, you will see every sector and system. Simply highlight the name you want to change, and you will be able to type over it. Just save your changes when you're done, and you will be good to go.


Hope this helps.

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Although Rob has already answered your questions, I have some additional info for you.


There are no "cards" for systems/planets like there are for characters and units, and there is no way to create new ones beyond what is already programmed in the game (check the Rebellion Editing thread Added 2 additional Characters - download inside. for a possible exception to the rule for characters :wink: ). For the sectors and systems/planets, the only way to "create" the galaxy you want is to replace what's already there. Some of this can be done in RebEd, but there are limitations: when using RebEd to change sector/system names, the "new" names can be no longer than the names you replace; so for example, you could change Chondre to Kuat (7 letters to 4), but you can't change Ando to Naboo (4 letters to 5). You can change all of the names to whatever you want (regardless of length) if you use ResourceHacker. RebEd (when using the Galaxy Editor) is great for "moving" sectors to where you want in the galaxy, but you can't move planets. You can move sectors and planets using a HEX editor on the SECTORSD.DAT and SYSTEMSD.DAT files, but be very careful. You can check Mechanics - inside Rebellion for file formats and stuff, but things can get a bit tricky, especially keeping your planets within the appropriate sector. Hint: use RebEd to "move" the sectors, and THEN use a HEX editor to more the planets :wink: .


And saving the best for last: all of this has already been done, see the Galaxy Configuration thread (pay particular attention to the last post in the thread :wink: ).



And on Rob's answer 3, he meant to say "No, there is no way to add additional planets, or to have more than 10 planets per sector".


Welcome aboard, and have lots of fun :D

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And on Rob's answer 3, he meant to say "No, there is no way to add additional planets, or to have more than 10 planets per sector".


Then whats your definition of a galaxy?

20 sectors for the galaxy, hence 200 planets for a galaxy (as opposed to your 10 :P ).

... or to have more than 10 planets per galaxy
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See, I dont agree with that. I dont see all that being a "galaxy". For instance, the way I see it, we currently live in the "Milky Way Galaxy", but we know there are other galaxies out there. Our galaxy has 9 planets (doh, 8 now, poor Pluto...).


Thats my say and Im sticking to it, dangnabbit (wait, isnt that something you would say?)

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