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another universe crasher


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ill just jump right in and tell you the stuff, becasue i really do want to play this mod. i got HW2 just to play it ;)


i have the 1.1 patch

i have created 2 new profiles at diferent points to try and get it to work

the big files are in the data area


however, the shortut seems to be a bit...odd. if i leave out the oldships.big, it will load the game perfect...but nothing new when i play. however, it does have the SSD in the background on the main menu but no SW music playing.


if i have oldships.big in the shortcut, it wil do the same...but have all the factions as a choice. this is the one that crashes at universe.

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"C:\Program Files\Sierra\Homeworld2\Bin\Release\Homeworld2.exe" -mod PLANETPACK.Big,SWSOUND.Big,SWMUSIC.Big,GENHODS.Big,SHIPHODS.Big,CORE.Big,OLDSHIPS.big -luatrace -hardwareCursor


there. thats the one that gives me the crash at universe.

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hmmm I'd try redownloading it, the target line is correct... also try playing as just the alliance (with AI as alliance) there are some issues in old ships that cause crashes with imperials and I need to fix them
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Are you playing against the Empire by any chance? I believe the game crashes if you start off playing against the Empire in your first load (after a first load of a round, you should be fine).


That's what was doing it for me.


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