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Rebel / Imperial Culture


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I am re-posting this as originally seen on Stardock forums:


Greetings to the community, I finally got caught up on this post and decided to drop my 2 cents in on the matter since it seems no one has addressed the idea I came up with. First let me just praise the efforts of the community in coming as far as they did before SoaSE was even released.


The idea I have been nurturing concerns the "culture" system in SoaSE and how it can be effectively employed as a gameplay mechanic in a Star Wars mod. I feel that, if used well, this system could allow a much more realistic presentation of the Galactic Civil War era of the Star Wars timeline.


As we know, during the Civil War era, the rebellion had a much smaller military force than the Empire, but were more mobile, allowing them to strike where the Empire was weak. Conversely, the Empire had little knowledge of the Rebel's bases, and were forced to spread their massive fleet out to defend their holding.


In the current SoaSE setup, there is relatively little requirement to leave fleets behind for defensive purposes in worlds that are not front line planets. And with few exceptions, the most prudent military strategy is just build one or two large armadas and crush your opponent in a linear fashion.


By carefully modifying the culture system, we could drastically upset this balance. Here is how I would do it: The Rebel Alliance should use culture as a powerful weapon against the Empire; in the current SoaSE, you can cause enemy planets to go neutral from Culture alone, you could previously flip them completely to your side. I would give the Rebels (and only the rebels) this ability. This represents the way in which rebel forces can infiltrate Imperial planets and influence them covertly.


This however, is only half of the system. The other half is the Imperial culture system, which should spread at a much slower rate than Rebel culture, and be related directly to the level of fleet and defences in orbit around the planet. I do not know if the game is capable of calculating culture based on these modifiers, however the intention to make it so that to prevent Imperial worlds from succumbing to Rebel culture, they must maintain a garrison at all times to bolster their culture (aka fear in the population).


This allows the creation of a more imbalanced, and therefore realistic, gameplay scenario wherein the Rebel Alliance starts with fewer worlds than the Empire, possesses smaller fleet caps, and weaker ships, but can still compete. Naturally, to fully integrate this idea, several other things need to fall into place; i.e. a system that intentionally gives the Empire larger more powerful fleets, a map that favours the Empire strategically, additional Rebel advantages in terms of mobility (perhaps giving them the Vasari slipgate technology that allows slipstream transport without using a lane, we can just call it a Navigational relay or a pirate jump point.)


Of course, all of this is moot if the game is going to be designed for the post ROTJ galaxy.


Questions? Comments? Please make sure to ask if you dislike the idea but aren't sure if you fully understand my meaning.



In simple terms...


1. Rebel Alliance can use "holonet transmitters" to spread culutre and flip imperial planets to their side. Or at the very least, cause serious production and resource penalties to Imperial planets.


2. Imperials must keep sufficient space based defenses and fleets to ward off Rebel Culture and ensure Imperial control.


3. This forces Imperial players to spread out their forces and allows Rebel players to level the playing field despite fielding a technologically and numerically inferior fleet.

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now that brings me back in the EAW that would make the game a lot more challenging the over powering empire(the good guys) Vs the crap fleet that is no good in direct assult.


The Rebs should base there main powers in insurrection and cause ships to fight ageist there nation like the upgrade for the human race (sorry forgot there name) in the sins game but in a larger view of that there should be a black market for the rebs to buy other races ships or an idea that was made in the expansion to EAW


Please in the name of god plase have the rebs have there ships as carriers like in the movies when i played EAW and you had to bring the damn fighters and bombers separately really suck but if you do have it like the other races it would be very good

and one thing to have with the rebs fighters and bombers have more than one type like






What might work in that idea of the trans mitter taking over other planets is a good idea but...... have the transmitters have a ability of Civil uprising of other planets and over time production of that world would decrease and the ships in orbit (trade, construction and the mining ships rebel ageist there owner) and you as the reb get the resources made by that planet until a certain point of which you get the planet unless the empire uses an ability of which only an orbital transmitter around that planet, that is police action of which stops the rebs from taking that planet and ends that ability on the planet..... and have it use antimatter to make it fare...later on the Empire can resource an upgrade of civil discipline that resits the reb. ability of Civil uprising.

if possable think about it and please tell me what you think

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Maybe make it so that it's all based on modding units to act as those TEC broadcast center thingies.  The Rebellion's planets act as broadcast centers, while the Empire's ships act as broadcast centers.  Only make it so that the Empire's ships don't spread 'culture' to other planets; they will only bolster the culture on the planet they are orbiting.  This way the Rebellion's culture will slowly creep outwards, forcing the Empire to commit more and more resources to fortifying planets.


This sounds like such a great idea, and a great way to make the Empire beatable in a strictly canon sense.  The Imperial Navy had thousands of Star Destroyers, but in all likelihood, only a fraction of that battle fleet was available for direct combat; the rest undoubtedly was tied up enforcing order on the countless star systems in the Empire.

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