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Setting up materials in XSI


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Has anyone figured out how materials have to be setup in XSI?  I've been playing around a bit, but the ConvertXSI.exe always gives me errors like:


Ignoring unknown material type

Valid Material not found for PolygonList


I guess the materials have to be setup in a certain way?  I'm also unsure how models with multiple materials have to be setup in XSI.  These import as 1 object per material.  Do the objects have to be merged before exporting?


Here's a pic of my first export from 3DSMax (no textures).  :)



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I've made some progress.  ;D




It's still not perfect, but this is what I'm doing:


1) Convert the textures to .dds files (I'm using DXT5).


2) Load up the XSI mod tool and do File -> Import -> obj and selecting the ship's obj file.


3) Click View -> Mod Tool -> Texturing to show the texturing window.  Also in the top right of the viewport change it from Shaded to Textured Decal (so you can see your textures being applied easily).


4) Each material imports as a seperate object, so for each one:


4a) Select the object

4b) Click the Add Image button in the mod tool texturing window.

4c) Choose New->From File for the image and select the appropriate .dds file.


5) With all the textures applied, do Edit -> Select All and then File -> Export -> dotXSI.


6) Export as Ascii version 3.6.  Untick everything except Polygon Meshes, User Normals, Keep Shared Materials and Textures.


7) Now run the ConvertXSI.exe as described in the official .pdf and move the .dds and .mesh files into the Textures/Mesh folders for the mod.


Problem is, I'm not sure how to apply the data/normal textures to the model in .XSI.  So I've been editing the .mesh file in a text editor after export and setting them to the textures I want.  That's kinda hassle though, especially if we're re-exporting the models a bunch of times as we add firing/trail points, etc.  Would be good to have a fully setup XSI scene file to look at so I can see exactly how all those textures are meant to be linked up.

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