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Hello - New One


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Hi first of all like to give my thanks to those how made this mod - Superb work.


My adventure with this mod starts from 0.45 - i was shocked cause the way ships look like, fantastic battels, remind me when I see the Star Wars film for the first time. When i see the SD comming from top of my screen - yeah that was something!!


There was the time when i was thinking that the project of this mod is down - just couldn't Wait for another version 0.5


From a few days I'm playing 0.6 - ships look much better, special effects looks nice too, new ships and other things - makes me happy :)


But: also find some bugs (lots of post about them found in Bug's forum) but I want to ask about one thing:


1.  There is some bugs that make 0.6 in some times unplayable  :( (afcourse I know that this is the test version) but the funny thing is that in the 0.45 the same problems doesn't exist! ( fighter flying smoothly, destroyer etc. don't try to get very close to the target and kill them self's, CPU is better opponent and  doesn't try at the beginning to build the biggest ships and other thing doesn't happens) 

So the question is: is there a way to get models of ships and specials effects from 0.6 to 0.45?? I think that will take out some of the bugs.


OO and another thing - I've read about anti aliasing in Warlords - how to set it on? In CFG file a have found anisotropicFiltering but there is nothing about AA!?


Sorry for my English

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I couldn't go back to 0.45 if I tried, there is a lot of work that had to be done to improve performance


the movement issues are things that require tweaks, 0.45 ships turned around and went backwards if ordered a target in some cases


antialiasing has to be enabled in windows in the video driver settings.

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Hmm... so it's look like that 0.45 is kind of separate test game and for 0.6  U mast do everything from beginind or probably bigger part. 


I have found another thing that I want to discuss:


In previous parts when lasers or plasma was hitting a target there was something like force field (shield) makes those beams only a littile blast, in 0.60 we could see a little explosions. That could be fun to set up something like this:

When shield is on the only hitting effect by power weapons should be this littile blast ( and no hull damage ), when shield is down - all other affects.


I only think that it would be cool to see something like that  :)


Is there a way to get an Eclips SSD ??

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The shielding effects were removed to improve performance. Collision detection on the shields was complicated. That's why everything in 0.60 was redone - I believe on the old ships have not been redone yet this way.


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the eclipse isn't buildable at this point without some hacking, though it should be in the Byss map


I wish I could do the effects you descibe however that isn't possible with the game engine.

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I'm makeing some maps for Wmod with Skunk tool but i found one problem - there is 15 types of background but there isn't background "Deep space" black one with stars nice for real Star Wars.

Is there a way to import HW2 backgrounds to Skunk tool or something ???


Happy Easter to all :)

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hehe im just to stupid for that haha


Do u have any links to some kind of guide how to do it?


By the way did you improve the way of fighters and larger ships flying?? Also wondering about the AI - buliding only a capital ships and larger stuff  like the way of  AI in 0.45

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