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  Now, I mentioned in another post how I use Rebellion for the strategy aspect and Warlords to act out the battles. I am in the process of redoing Rebellion to better fulfill my requirements/preferences. When I'm finished, if anyone's interested I'll post the finished product here, or wherever y'all think would be best.

  Keep in mind, this thing is in NO WAY intended to play straight with Rebellion. The combat segment is basically useless. Actually, it IS useless, cause I disabled weapons on all the ships (since it's to be acted out in Warlords, anyway). So, in order to use it, you need Rebellion and Warlords both, as well as someone to play with you can trust not to cheat. I always play with my brother, neither of us are cheaters, and since we use a LAN and are only a few feet apart, any attempt at cheating is... uh... immeadiately avenged. To say the least. Heh, the fights OVER the game are almost as fun as the fights IN the game :)

  Anyway, details.

  Since space is so limited on planets, I have drastically reduced the cost and maintainence of the ships, to allow much larger fleets. Also, facilities have been altered, rather than needing 10 or 12 to churn ships out sometime today, a single yard can build a destroyer in about 100 turns. Basically, you'll only need two or three, and adv yards are twice that. Same for the other construction yards. They are more time consuming to build and have a higher maintainence to discourage massive numbers of them and spamming ships out by the droves.

  Defense facilities have been redone and include-

ODG- Orbital Defense Grid

  Which consists of 4 Heavy Launchers, 8 Missile Launchers, and 16 Perimeter Guns. A single "set" of these can drive off a small group of frigates or a couple of larger ships.

OICA- Orbital Ion Cannon Array

  3 Ion Cannons. I guess this can disable a small group of frigates or a couple larger ships. I'm testing things as I go for balancing and to make sure it is capable of what I'm aiming for, so some things may get adjusted.

Golan Defense Rings-

  Three types, one for each class of station. Each consists of a "ring" of three stations.

Defense Shield- Basically unchanged, except for working better.


  All the defenses costs are appropriate to their "units", so there aren't (in theory) going to be dozens of Golans around every other planet, but they consist of mulitple units so as to be worth the slot they're occupying on the planet. Basic principle I'm applying to defenses are that they cost less to maintain than an equivalent fleet, but take a bit to build and of course are immobile. Planets with defenses can be blockaded, but not attacked without dealing with the defending stations. A lot of aspects right now are up to the people involved, but I'm working on a system to "enforce" the rules.


Shiplist- I was able to utilize all thirty slots without duplication, since I discovered you can check one ship for both sides. Rebellion, now with only ONE dreadnaught! Hurray! Research has been changed. Since this game takes place immeadiately after Yavin, everything ANH and older is already available. Only a few ships actually need to be researched for each side. And yes the SSD is uber, it is also ten times the cost of a single destroyer, both to build and maintain. I have tested in HW, and with a decent sized fleet it CAN be taken down, just gonna take some losses on the way. And if it's supported... sorry, dude, you're dead. But then, that's the way it SHOULD BE!!!!! Still, don't expect to see but one or two in the game. Anymore than that and he won't be defending the rest of his worlds, in which case you can easily knee cap him for his arrogance. Remember Tarkin?




Titan (changed from Praetor cause it is more appropriate for the time)

Allegiance (is actually too late period, but don't have another mid-range ship to choose from)


Imperator II


Victory II


KDY Carrier

Star Galleon



Nebulon B2








Assault Frigate


MC-60 (too late period but don't have another similiar sized ship available, but it could also just be considered a small Mon Cal)


Quasar Fire Carrier


Neutron Star Cruiser

Bulk Transport



Nebulon B





Yes, the empire does have more ships. But that's cause the empire DOES have more ships ANH. And it's not so bad, when you look at Mon Cal ships, you've got two or three variants of each one to choose from. Note: this doesn't include Mon Remondas, Mediators and other POST-ROTJ ships. Later, I'll try to make a custom  build list for Warlords for this thing, so the option to cheat won't even be there. More of that ideas to enforce (or at least penalize) violations.


Fighters are unchanged (except for stats) although the Defender has been replaced with the Avenger cause it was WAY more common.


I'm gonna jack with the ground troops later. Pics still need to be cleaned up, I just let it auto the smaller pics and they aren't so hot, so I'm gonna do some custom ones later. BTW, I don't remember you objecting to anything like this before, but the pictures I'm using (surprise) are coming from Warlords screenshots. You don't mind do you, EJ?

  Oh, the galaxy map has been replaced with a dark blue tactical grid. It's not particularly pretty, but it seems more reasonable than the galaxy. It's supposed to be the bridge of your flagship (so you're not outside the galaxy looking in) and I don't see most admirals directing with THAT map, the grid is more reasonable I think.

  Again, if you don't have anybody to play with that you can trust not to be a jackass or a whiner, you're probably not gonna be the least bit interested in this.

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