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Gosh...i'm a Warlord!


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Wow! I've only just noticed!


I guess a few Woo words might be in order!


This is an excellant site (for an excellant game), so a big woo to JediIgor for paying the bills, and Evaders for keeping it up and running. Hats off to you, gentlemen!


Also a big Wooo to you guys who have contributed to the site in the time i've been here, and made it the cool place to keep comming back to; you know who you are, Scathane, SOCL, Mask, Elvis, Trej, Pucho, TK, LaForge, Paul,Untimely, DinoChick, amongst others....heck to everybody! Let's keep it going guys, we've achieved so much already!





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Warlordindahouse !!! :D

Congratulations from me as well. Now, based on your current rate of posting you'll

breach the 2000 in March 2k4 :lol::wink:


Thank you for being what I've come to think about as the soul of our community.

Always cheering us up, when we need it.

Thanks for one and a half years of fun and for the time to come :!:




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yes a big WOO to WARLORD Jahled . I would just liek to thank you for always haveing something entertaining hidden away to make my day better :D Its been a pleasure getting to know you and I look forward to years more of interesting conversations and animated gifs :wink::)
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Thanks guys/gals!


What my little speech was really trying to say was that a site is only the cool place to hang out due to the quality of the people who hang out there. So what I was mumbling about was really raising a glass, of some very fine wine, to the site!


thanks all the same! :)

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  • SWR Staff - Executive
Hey Congrats! Always good to know our site has some fans still :) LOL


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Fighting is terrible, but not as terrible as losing the will to fight.

- SW:Rebellion Network - Evaders Squadron Coding -

The cake is a lie.

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Guest Scathane

Well, what can I say... Congratulations to you of course, Jahled. I think you're one of the main contributors to this community. You brought that one entity into it we have all come to dread in time: Zoot!


Here's to you and all other members who make this freaky little corner of the universe a great place to linger! :D

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Now, we are doomed....







Most definantley too much lager....




By the way, Trej, whatever happened to your new insignia? I mean, gosh, it seems like time stopped when I left and I'm actually quite surprised at how much hasn't changed since I left (or seems like haven't changed). This, Jahled's forum promotion, is the only apparent change thus far. :lol:

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I can't express to you more how much being a Warlord has transformed my life. It's astonishing. :lol:
Have your neighbors and the guy with the motorized couch noticed this change in your life? :wink:


I haven't seen the guy with the sofa he turned into a car for ages, perhaps it failed it's MOT or something... :roll:


Wierd stuff I have seen on my travels recently include:


-A push-bike courier with a basket on the back of his bike with one dog in and a little side pouch with another smaller dog in,


-David Blaine in a glass cage suspended in the air performing some magic trick, yet having a daily and nightly assualt of eggs, lemons, and other bits of food thrown at him,


-Me meeting someone on Regents Street, having an animated conversation, and subsequently laughing so much I lost my footing and fell into the road onto a car in traffic which turned out to be a Rolls Royce, driven by a chauffeur in a stupid hat, that if the car had been pink would have been something out of Thunderbirds; with a very well known English celebrity in the back looking quite surprised (Ceila Black),


-My expression when my dad sent me an email from Canada inviting me over, but also telling me my uncle went to school with Tony Blair (he went to school with Prince Charles!!!)


-The young Policeman's expression when he suddenly stepped into the road and came with inches of my front wheel ruining the creese on his trousers.




-My expression again when I came to a sudden hault infront of someone with about four ferrets in his hands, in the middle of Oxford Street. (I ended up having quite a nice conversation with the old guy and stroked the cute furry things. 'Do they bite?' I asked. 'Only if you put you fingers in their mouth,' he replied, 'i've got fourteen more at home.' He added.




Not much else, life's been quite normal lately.[/i]

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