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I've seen all of the posts about technically getting the game running, and I've installed it (I believe) correctly, and I get Warlords 0.5 in the game type selector, but I don't get an option for a starting fleet.


All I get when I start is a Nav Buoy, that destructs after a few minutes. I can build from that, but no factories, and neither can the computers.


I loved the style of gameplay that has the factories, but I can't seem to select it. I'm not sure if there's a file that I'm missing, but I have all of the .BIG files downloaded, and I'm running the command line from the Readme.txt file.


I thought this might be normal for the testing versions, but I've read the Game Type post describing the build and harvest game type the most popular, so I don't think it is.


I held up posting this while I reinstalled Homeworld (And updated to v1.1), and re-downloaded all of the Warlords files, just to make sure that there was no problem with the installation - and there isn't.


Does anyone know what I could do to fix this?

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Grab patch.big and fixes.big and add those 2 files to your command line.

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There we go, I found the problem, I believe.


In the Files section, I downloaded deathmatch.lua, and threw it in Gamerules, and it now works!


If anyone else is having this problem, probably because of only pulling files from Latest Version, that could be the fix


Awesome mod, thanks!

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0.0  where is the option for 3 v 3 starting ships? is this available in .6??  Also I read what little there is too read about custom fleets... I don't need an explanation of how to do it all I need is a couple examples too look at thnx in advance  :D
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