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so those who interested if you can post here then i will add you to the list, this is more for ease of keeping track of who is interested.


People so far


Darth Malice (shocking that one ;) )



evillejedi ? ( you know you wanna ;) )

Evaders99 ?









What i will say is dont expect this to be done over night, it will be ready when its ready :P what i will say is i plan to have it up as soon as possible after the patch is released (i may be repeating myself, infact i am but im trying to avoid people asking me this question over and over again, i have seen this so many times before and it makes you wanna shoot people, not that i have ever done that.....)

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post  :P


lol, no one likes a smart arse unless its me :P Glad to see your both aboard, ok would either of you be interested in helping with testing the current version of warlords, really just look at the prices im using currently and see if you agree with them or if you think some things are under ir over priced?


Any hep would be great :D

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well basically all that needs doing is some testing of ships, nothing is really gona happen on my side until after i move in a few weeks, atm im abit busy with work and  finding a new house/flat. Once this is done this project wont seem as dead.
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Sorry for vanishing on my end. I'll be pretty slammed for the next 33 days. Then i'll have most of the summer to commit to this and other projects. I know i'm supposed to help get our EvR website up and running.


Design School is harsh I tell ya. Finals are going to be bitter.

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