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currently, go to the download area http://warlords.swrebellion.com/warlords_files/


download all of the .Big files in the directory


in your shortcut (right click) change the ‘target’ line to


C:\Homeworld2\Bin\Release\Homeworld2.exe -mod Planetpack.Big,SWSOUND.Big,GENHODS.Big,PLATHODS.Big,IMPHODS.Big,REBHODS.Big,PIRHODS.Big,WARLORDSCORE.Big,SCRIPTS.Big,WARLORDS_SP.Big,SP_SCRIPTS.Big -luatrace -hardwareCursor


(all on one line)


you can start the single player missions by adding

-startinglevel Hoth01

-startinglevel Hoth02


If you crash at ‘Universe’ make sure you have the HW2 1.1 patch


if you still crash, make sure you have no old mod files in the directory (check for the most up to date files here and don’t mix with other mods)


if you still crash, make a new in-game profile

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Post the hw2.log file


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Sun Nov 26 19:29:45 2006

Loaded Archive: 'Homeworld2.big'

UTIL -- filepath failure, path doesn't exists 'C:\PROGRA~1\Sierra\HOMEWO~1\data\locale\english'

Loaded Archive: 'english.big'

Uing ..profiles\ for profiles folder

Changing from a 32 bit colour depth in winNT (5.1 build 2600), Service Pack 2

Using ATI Technologies Inc.'s 1.3.1030 WinXP Release RADEON 9200 Series DDR x86/SSE2 renderer (Suspected driver is atioglxx.dll

Loaded Archive: 'englishSpeech.big'

Loaded Archive: 'Music.big'

SOUND -- created destination [ fdaudio ], handle [ 4 ] with [ 48 ] channels created

SOUND -- created destination [ fda streamer ], handle [ 5 ] with [ 8 ] channels created

Build name: The Dust Wars  - AutoBuild3569 - Ordered by smmatte

Built by  : mrbuild

Data path : C:\PROGRA~1\Sierra\HOMEWO~1\data

Could not initialize all fragment programs.  Please use the '-fragment_program 0' command line parameter

Resetting fp control word.


Creating new profile name:Player1 folder:..\PROFILES\Profile1\

GAME -- Using player profile Player1


Hope that helps, not even getting a menu. I think its  the file path, I tried using the one provided but I kept getting error messages.

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  • SWR Staff - Executive
try removing all the big files from the shortcut except planetpack, then add in the imp, reb, pir ones etc, it may be that one of the files is corrupted and needs to be redownloaded.
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