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Follow the Bouncing Palpatine


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Curious to wonder what might influence the AI to move Palpatine around doing diplamacy or anything else.


In one instance, I saw him lead an abduction mission against Han since no one else was available (or maybe there was, I can't remember), but mostly I have seen him leave Coruscant to do diplomacy. However in these last couple of games, he kept his flabby self parked on Coruscant the whole time.


One development that happened with him that I have not seen with any other character, is when I had Coruscant blockaded after he was located somewhere else (Balmorra I think it was), nonetheless he still attempted to go there. The only other time I ever see a character go to a system that's been blockaded is if they had been on a mission...Palpy wasn't on a mission, he just wanted his throne back in this case I guess.


Anyway, just wondering if certain events trigger certain preferences out of the AI (or if its something else inherent in how Rebed is setup). For instance, I already had Luke get captured by Vader, and I let him take Luke to Coruscant to meet the Emperor.


Luke confronted the Emperor and captured both him and Vader together even though the encounter injured Luke. They wound up on Uvena, and afterwards, I had a fleet blockade Coruscant, and since I wanted to use it to build up my characters (I maxed out energy slots for it and HQ), I had to be sure that I set one or both of them free first. Vader's still hanging out on Balmorra, but the first thing the Emperor wanted to do was to risk the blockade and go back to the capital.


Weird. Nobody takes his comfy chair I guess.

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Well, you know the throne has it's own heating unit installed and it's kinda hard to get replacements :wink:


The AI really seems to try and bring him back as long as the planet is still belonging to the Empire. I had Coruscant blockaded and Ghorman blockaded in a recent game. The Emperor was the only char at Ghorman and he started with sabotage missions against my fleet in orbit to get back to Coruscant.


Maybe it's not just the throne, the whole style of his palace and all, that's really hard to give up, I guess :roll:




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IF you owned the Tallest Structure in the Galaxy, wouldn't you want it back too?


Well duh

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I'm still confused because I'm sure game difficulty must be a factor to some extent, but even on hard games where most of the system sectors are medium/medium or high/high (visibility/importance), I've still hardly seen him leave, though I know he has many times in my previous games.


I think I'm beginning to narrow down my problems with AI and how it ranked characters. I believe it must have something to do with how I've set leadership/and or combat stats. In my game before, I touched no character stats except leadership and even though many characters ended up with Mon Mothma stats, at least I was seeing admirals/commanders/generals on fleets and planets as I should, and more often.


When I went to make my "jedi game", I maxed leadership on all sides and up'd everyone's espionage, diplomacy, combat (I didn't fool with loyalty really since i turned off traitors). and everyone is easily over 100 in all stats. Then once detected as jedi, those go up even more. Its just a theory at this point, but I think AI rank preference is determined by combat and/or leadership (which might be why I'm seeing only generals on fleets).


I'd like to get some confirmation on what I'm seeing from any of you who are messin' around with Rebed. I'm going to try another test, but leave the couple of characters I've set up to be jedi at the beginning intact on each side...One game where everyohe's stock stats are left alone (minus the exempt coupla jedi characters, their probability will stay at 100).


Sorry to get off on a tangent, but I think the way I'm modding my games has something to do with AI rank preference, but also character movement. I may need to do a few tests for each game difficulty, one stock game each, and one modded game each (but keeping the two jedis on each side as exceptions through all tests), and also plugging in low/medium/high imporantce/visibility.


I know the AI will typically keep Empire characters in the core until its dealt with first with diplomacy, however if a characters stats at diplomacy exceed or rival that of Palpatine's, that may be one major reason why he never leaves his comfy chair.


If anyone does any of these tests, also pay note to what those two jedis are up to, and take note of whatver ranks the game assigns them. If I'm right than I suspect if the game assigns them one, it'll be a general, and if that's so, I need to lower combat and/or leadership (or not give so many people jedi powers heh).

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