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Empire at war modding help (new and need some help on what do do please help)

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OK so i basically an getting into the empire at war modding scene and I'm hoping to get a decent size mod going based off of the halo series or some other scifi series and basically heres what i want to do. i want to have fighters,ships,and units look the same as how they look in say the halo game as in same frigate design,same unit coloation,small unit remodeling to make it more haloy (if thats a word) and 2 new factions along with hopefully a campaign reedit as well i would  really like some help on what i will need for tutorials and assistance on how to either edit existing EAW models to look like the halo ones or how to import ones i can make from a 3D software and what 3d software i will need and yes i am aware of the .ala/.alo importer thing for 3Ds thats out but I'm hoping you guys can help me out on what ill need tutorials that stuff. Ive spent like the past few hours on google looking for help and Ive found none so I'm really hoping for some serious help.


i would rather find a way to get a .ala/.alo into the game with some sort of free 3D software if its possible otherwise im guessing im going to have a hard time editing existing models to make them look decent. so here are the pics

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I'm pretty sure there's already a fairly large Halo mod going on, but I don't know what happened to it.


How much do you know already? You're not going to get very far into a project like this without experience. I would suggest starting out with just minor changes you'd like to see in the game.


.ALO format is currently only supported by 3D max, which is not free and there is currently no workaround whatsoever. If you want to model, you'll have to pay. But if you model really really well in a free program, like Sketchup, Blender, Wings, or something like that, and you know a nice professional modeler, he might be able to convert the models over to .ALO.

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