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Clone Wars animated movie *Note: Spoilers*

Logan Felipe

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Saw it today. some mental notes...


- Opening sequence: apparently, 10 year olds either can't read or have attention spans too short to watch a 1.5 minute long text crawl.


- Zero the Hutt: A hutt who's a drag queen. Perhaps the only time a sw movie has made reference to the hermaphroditic nature of the hutt species. Also, the first time a hutt speaks basic.


- Futurama reference?: This was done before with HK adopting Bender's use of the term meatbag. Now Zero has a droid that is essentially a mute version of "Clamps" of the Robot Mafia.


- Music: The least sw sounding music I've ever heard.


- Obi-wan: some really good voice acting here.


- Dooku: still christopher lee, but with an easter island head.


- battle droids: behaved much like they did in RotS, though executed much more successfully.


- SBDs: voices reminiscent of SW:GB and Republic Commando rather than RotS (thankfully).


Windu: his appearance is cameo at best. about three lines. "something important blah blah blah something important. I'll take my paycheck now, please".


Threepio: Small role, yet is one of the most humorous in the entire film.


Fleet Admiral: voiced by the voice of Madine in the Rogue Squadron series. don't think he is madine, though.


Ahsoka: Uses nicknames to the point of utter gratuitousness (Stinky for rotta was ok, but Sky-guy? Artooey? :-x)


Force powers: rarely ever used at all. there were plenty of instances where these would have worked nicely.


Has the pace of a children's action cartoon show (think samurai jack).


sneak peak at the TV series will air saturday, august 31st, 10 am (during Ben 10: Alien Force season finale).


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