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Figma Haruhi


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Well time to attempt a revival in this section.













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I'm completely baffled. Ghostly, what is this? What are we supposed to discuss?


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Well talk about the figma's, especially the one I got  ;D.

Which means you're just showing off.

But it's fine -- At least there's activity  ;D


"That was fun"

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With a figure that can pose you can expect more images  ;D. Btw the Synth in the below images belongs to my friend.



1) Haruhi standing on the Synth and posing.

Figma Haruhi6


2) Same pose as above but without flash but with natural light.

Figma Haruhi7


3) Haruhi sitting on the Synth and pointing at my friend's monitor.

Figma Haruhi8


4) Haruhi dancing to the trance playing the background.

Figma Haruhi9


5) And of course she got so energetic that she played some Air Guitar.

Figma Haruhi10

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  • 2 months later...

Oh looky what I got  ;D


In Europe:

They're all indoors, I wasn't brave enough to take pictures outside.


1) Holding a shell that was given to me (half broken to).

Haruhi in Tucepi


2) Haruhi holding the shell in the air.

Haruhi in Tucepi2


3) Haruhi holding both the shell and the rock.

Haruhi in Tucepi3


4)Then she sleeps on the bed.

Haruhi in Tucepi4


5) Haruhi joining me on my last supper in the hotel.

Haruhi in Tucepi5


6) Her sitting on the Slovakian mustard in Tucepi, Croatia.

Haruhi in Tucepi6


7) I gained a rare Ferrari, I saw a Ferrari, and I even took a picture of 2 Ferrari's. Haruhi got herself a new car ^_^.

Figma Haruhi13


8) Figma Haruhi and Revoltech Saber both annoyed they're going back to North America

Figma Haruhi11


9) Figma and Revoltech trying to dance.

Figma Haruhi12




Happy Halloween!


1) Introducing Figma Haruhi's costume :P.

Figma Halloween1


2) And also introducing Figma Tsukasa! (Wheres? Konata?)



3) Figma Konata isn't around so we got Figma Tsukasa and Haruhi.



4) Lets party!



5) Woops camera is too close.



6) Ah a bit better but now they stopped dancing :(.


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