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Hi guys, well as you know I'm in college and will be done in a little over a year.  However I'm going to be getting myself a new computer (buying the parts and assembling them myself).  I'll let you guys know what I end up getting.  It should be pretty nice.  :)


Expanded info: budget < $2,500, Uses: games and maybe other things like rendering or editing videos.


I do have a monitor, keyboard/mouse, and other accessories chosen.  I'm using ddr2 ram, and have a hard drive and dvd-burner already in mind.

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Well if you need an advice, let us know. I personally would go Intel+Nvidia right now, but depends on your priorities, budget, etc.


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thanks for the replies guys.  I am planning on getting the x38 (or 780i) with a Q9450 once it is released (end of March I've heard).  I've been thinking of maybe getting 3870 Crossfire (or 8800GTS 512mb sli).  I like the dual slot cooler design that vents the air straight out the back of the case (less heat in the case the better).


Oh in case you're wondering this won't exactly be a budget build.  I'm hoping it will last me for a while.  I know some people don't like the dual video card setups, but I probably will go ahead and go with it since my last computer that I built had it as well and it worked out fine. (back in 2005)

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Ok I'll reserve this post slot for my current picks.


Final choices


Case: Cooler Master RC-690 (with extra case fans)

PSU: Silverstone OP650 $145

CPU: Q6600 $250

HSF: AC Freezer 7 $25

HD: 250GB (won't need more than this for just games) $70

DVD-Burner: $30

Monitor + cable: $280 (20" widescreen Samsung 206bw)

Graphics cards: EVGA 8800GTS (*2) $580

Motherboard: EVGA 780i SLI - $250

RAM: 8gb ddr2 800 (4 x 2gb sticks) Mushkin ($90 each) $180

kb: $8 (cheap logitech, I have a mouse already)

soundcard: x-fi xtremegamer $80

headset: $40(Sennheiser)

OS: Vista Home Premium 64-bit $110


Total so far: $2,150 (roughly)

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does any OS even work with 8GB of ram? XP is limited to 2Gb and im not sure about vista(but it seems to use the 4Gb's i have). other then that it seems like a great computer,


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I realize the 8gb seems like overkill and in a way I am overkilling it a bit, because this is a computer I'm hoping will last me for quite a long time (3+ years).  For that reason I want something that will last.  Vista 64-bit does work with 8gb (I've checked around) and with ddr2 ram so cheap as it is compared to what I have to spend in terms of a budget, the extra ~$130 seems like it wouldn't hurt for the 8gb.
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