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Macross Series


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This is from what I watched and a basic summary (and somewhat crappy) and I enjoyed the Macross series since it tries to prove many points. Of course viewers overlooking such points since its anime but it does give you something to think about for those who rather think. I also tried watching it in order so I could understand whats going on and for the most part I still do but still lost in some areas. This series needs to gain more respect like the Gundam series which both prove good points which are easily over looked


Macross Zero:

Humans still fight against each other in the 2000 A.C time period. United nation vs Anti-United Nations group near a remote island of Mayan island. It follows a bit into the supernatural area which I saw turn people off but its necessary to get that point across in this Macross series. It questions how us humans were born and what we really fight for. Its worth a watch at least being a 5 episode ova.


Super Deformed Fortress Macross (or SDF- Macross) (For the Americans its Robotoech but thats been butchered)

Humans coming across a wreckage from space rebuild the Macross in 1998, then being invaded in the year 2009 by the Zentraedi invaders. The Macross comes underfire and folds out into Pluto's orbit trying to make it to the dark side of the moon after one of its programs went off destroying a few ships with its main weapons. The Macross now makes its way back to earth on the long road of survival.


Macross Plus:

Two test pilots compete with one another while their female friend produces a galaxy wide music star, Sharon Apple. The YF-19 fights with a YF-21 (I think) trying to compete for supremacy for mass production.


Macross 7:

The power of music being the key focus in the Macross series, it never fails on how strong it binds humanity together. No matter where you go its always music that defines a culture and the person "producing" music in one way or another. In this series Basara (who sings in a Red YF-19, new model) tries to sing from his heart and not for war or self gain. Basara and his Fire Bomber group play their music to please  others the original way where its meant to come from the heart. This understanding unlocking hidden emotions and powers that we as humans never knew about allows us to peacefully be together and talk to each other using musical notes. His allies are ignorant and fight with weapons while his foes are puzzled and seeking spiritual energy (Spiritia) from living organisms like humans who can regrow such energies.

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