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The Ayu-Maya Civilization


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Its about a race called "Ayu-Maya" that struggled for survival for territory survival.  I'll keep off people's interactions and only go into it a tiny bit. This is basically a history telling.


If you see any conflicting information let me know (basically author errors, continuity errors).




Chapter 0: Background story:

When the earth was still one (Pangaea), many dinosaurs roamed the land especially early humans. These human species were neither stupid nor very smart but they were clever enough to live in this dangerous world. Humans believe through scientific research they can solve any obstacle thrown their way so they believed that humans formed several years after the dinosaur's extinction. Mankind is known to survive through thick and thin. These early humans also has the traits we have today but they were much more tuned to nature while ours is more tuned to business and technology(basically dumbed down).


The Ayu-Maya's were a clever race managing to do the impossible at times but in the most realistic boundaries the earth was given. There have been other known locations but currently not much is known so not much can be spoken. The Ayu-Maya's in this story are set around the Pacific Ocean where the "Island of Mu" was to have been located. During the Pangaea period these people lived mostly in the Asian area which is now known as Australia (or at least a quarter of it). This area was still hooked up with Asia and Australia but during our time period has (almost) disappeared. When the Earth began reforming and into the shape we see today with the sinking of many islands holding advanced civilizations.  Some of its locations are still left like a huge ruin off the coast of Eastern Japan where ruins are submerged. These have been referenced in Reideen anime and Rahxephon.




Chapter 1: Ayu-Maya's Formed and Civilized


The earth filled with many forests and life goes on with its business while the humans  with wings fly around wondering what their purpose on this earth is. As many as 500 of these humans with wings fly around wondering where they came from and how they got here search for a suitable area to inhabit that is not as fierce as the mainland. The place they inhabit would be the later known as "The Island of Mu" which struggles to survive in legends to this day and was the home of a great human civilization before they collapsed from an interfering alien race. The huge group of winged humans found the first habitable (safe zone) where they can build a settlement. The first settlement which would turn into a capital would be located near present day Mexico, the capital named "Sineani" (one place; a certain time ). This settlement was the first ever human settlement known to man kind through either science, legend, or (or even rarer) through dreams telling of a life struggle to survive.


This settlement called "Sineani" would be one of the many capitals to spread through the Island of Mu for a struggle to survive finding out what their main purpose was. Later on as the Ayu-Maya people began to settle in and feel more secure they began spreading out slowly creating more settlements to secure a route to greater their numbers and to make sure they can gather enough resources to keep surviving. They built high, on ground, below, and even underwater. When enough settlements were formed and people felt firmly secure they began exploring the dangerous world where fierce dinosaurs still roamed, hunting them for game and for survival sports. Those who were unfit were placed in this unsafe area to see if they can adapt and if not they would die. As cruel as this may have been it prevented a weak line of humans from being born in the long run of the species. This was figured out through the 4th generation where the more careless Ayu people had less skilled, less intelligent, and smaller wings from those who actually helped out swiftly building defensive structures, weapons (like bows, arrows, spears and the like).


Once nightfall came when the first settlement was formed there were these unknown shadows that stalked them from the ground. Few of these Ayu slept in trees first with some others sleeping on the ground. When nightfall came weird howling and screaming was heard before the first strike was gained by the shadow people. These would later be turned against these creatures later labeled as "Kur" for the Ayu would build walls holding torches. These walls would be made out of stone and wood circling the area they settled on. The Ayu would work in two shifts, day and night, which helped them survive. During the day those who harvest food and resources would hunt before sundown and during the night warriors would be on guard making sure that none of these "Kur" would make it in. The beginning of the light and dark began here where during the day everything could be considered peaceful while during the night many new evil could be found.


To find the proper warriors the weak are first scouted out within the settlement (and as mentioned) left to fend for themselves in the dinosaur filled world. The weak would be chained up and left in a building for prisoners (could be considered more like an airport where people leave ingroups). During the night instead of meeting the "Kur" you meet many night time meat eaters. All the weak parts of the race were left for a week in the wilderness and if they survived for a weak they would be returned given normal jobs to do. If they were still found to be weak they would be returned where another week trial begins. If this continues many times there will be a duel to the death with other's labeled as weak within any settlement. This later turned into a territory game where a team was assembled for each settlement and had no choice but to participate for survival. There were many survival games where the more well known ones were sparing duels, soccer (Mayans also played soccer), fight the Kur (the side with the most survivors wins[or at least has a survivor]), normal ancient duels with both sides, and lastly who's team can fly the longest going in circles while being chained up to the ground (to prevent escapes). For those that lived had the right to give birth and those that died or lost were slaves until they proved themselves to be worthy to breed. There were rarely any sadistic leaders or referees who watched these games to allow any pointless killing since it was more of a show of skill and to allow  skill to be gained/worked on.



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