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Macross Human Mod


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Basic Unit list:


Basic list goes as shown:


United Nations Spacy:


- United Nations base - Alaska

- Macross (crashed on earth and refitted with human technology) - Main base or secondary base



- Self generated through ship (when in combat on the map)

- Resource mechs and trucks, planes for quicker income gathering and trucks for a more land stable gathering.

- Harvests downed units and any buildings the player feels like taking down.


Military units:

- Whatever the humans have in the game from tanks to infantry and the like

- Planes to new transforming planes from flight, Gerwalk, and battroid mode (if possible).

Example of such planes:

http://www.mahq.net/MECHA/macross/zero/index.htm (Only look under UN Spacy - Mecha)

- Also adding a massproduced VF-0D (best search results under google - web search), and a prototype YF-19 (google image search).


Whoever has the game installed and is modding got any ideas if adding airfields is possible?




For those who have the game and messing around with it, how easy is it to add a build able airfield? for F-15's and any new kind of planes the human faction has been given?


Secondly for those still confused at what I'm trying suggesting I'm asking if anybody wants to merge human mod with that from the anime Macross? Humans when needed try to find new ways to beat the crap out of their enemy right? Well for the Japanese along side with the German nation could unlock the ability for walking planes that can turn into mechs (battroids). Here is an example what you would get through doing a research ability (if it works well through modding).


It was done for C&C Zero Hour in Xenoforce mod where it changes from plane (first in pic) to Gerwalk (3rd in pic) to 2nd (battroid).



So why add Macross series planes into UaW? Well humans always want to play in the sky with planes so I thought how much fun would it be if these planes could walk/hover instead of appearing as planes when ingame. The airfield could get damaged so you got no ways to life off planes but you got a weakened air force where helicopters get downed. Why not give humans a little edge with these planes that love to fire what looks to be 20,000 missiles at once? When plane gets damaged it just switches to the Gerwalk or battroid (2nd and third in pic). Also if Petroglyph adds a space map for UaW these planes are on standby for any conflict at hand so its pretty handy to have (specially outfitted with that can run in space).


Now that I cleared that up with quick posting what does the battleship Macross have to do with anything? As mentioned it crashed to earth with humans refitting into a usable ship. It could be used as a main base weaponry for when the Hierarchy, Novus, or Masari try to take over the area for whatever reason.


Lastly think of a scenario where you see a plane sending 10-20 rockets at a Hierarchy unit where you see bits and pieces flying off at a time. Well you could also picture in your mind where you see one of these planes fight off any flying units the Novus has.

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