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New FoC Mod


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I'm planning to release my first mod for FoC. It's almost finished only a few things are still missing.

It will do following changes:




-Eclipse SSD buildable in GC


-A second Executor SSD buildable in GC


-StarDestroyer Mk1 buildable in GC(Avenger's model)


-StarDestroyer Mk2 buildable in GC(Avenger's model)


-Venator buildable in GC


-Emperor uses DS2 at tech level 5


-Tarkin uses StarDestroyer Mk1 "Executrix" in Space


-Venator spawns Eta-2-Actis Jedi Interceptor and V-Wings


-Republic Dreadnought buildable in GC


-Venator Turbolasers are blue


-Loronar Strike Cruiser buildable in GC


-Clone Troopers(1upD's Skins)  buildable in GC


-Clone Trooper Blaster shots are blue


-Eta-2-Actis buildable in GC for Groundbattles





-Home One Class MonCal Cruiser buildable in GC (has a Hangar)


-MC80b(KoF's model) buildable in GC (Has a Hangar)


-Mc104(from SAU) buildable in GC


-Mediator Cruiser buildable in GC


-Mon Mothma uses New Republic Star Destroyer in Space


-CC7700 Figate buildable in GC


-MC40 Frigate buildable in GC


-E-Wing buildable in GC


-New Hero: Booster Terrik; uses ISD MK II "Errant Venture" in Space







-Providence Destroyer(KoF's model) buildable in GC


-Lucrehulk Battleship(KoF's) buildable in GC


-Firespray Squadron buildable in GC(Boba's Ship)


-Urai Fen uses Providence Destroyer in Space


-AAT Tanks(KoF's model) buildable in GC


-Battledroids(KoF's model) buildable in GC


-Super Battle Droids(KoF's model) buildable in GC


-Mandalorians buildable in GC(buildable on Mandalore)


-Munificent Frigate(KoF's model) buildable in GC


-Venator Star Destroyer buildable in GC


-New Hero: Leonia Tavira; uses ISD Mk II "Invidious" in Space



Other Changes:





-Added New Planets(only available on equal footing GC map):







-Starbases are more powerful and spawn more units(only to keep the balance)


-Pop Cap increased to 35


-Easy AI gets more Credits in GC(a little bit more challenging but not too much)



that's it...


but there is something I need help with: for some reason i'm too stupid to add the new icons, so it would be very nice if i'd find somebody who can help me with that.


Comments please  :)

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