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How to add new units to Campaign & GC?

Darth Vanisher

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Hello, I want to ask some questions here...

In Empire at War (not FoC), how to add my new created units to Campaign/Story Mode and Galactic Conquest mode? The units are both Space and Land.

Right now I'm only able to add the units into Skirmish.


The same question also goes for new hero units; how to add them to Campaign & Galactic Conquest?


Thanks for your support.

Sorry if there's another topic that have explained how to do this one. :)

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Ah, thanks. It works now for the land units. ;D


But still doesn't work for the space units. I've created some sort of large-scaled Mon Calamari and a SSD (based on LoW SSD, though); it shows on Skirmish, but it won't appear on Galactic Conquest nor Story.

Here's some part of the XML for the SSD:

	<Required_Special_Structures />
	<Required_Planets>Kuat, Fondor, Sullust, Coruscant</Required_Planets>
	<Tactical_Health>12500</Tactical_Health> <!-- was 6000 -->



Ah yes, wanted to ask a thing to. How to add the population cap on Land and Space? I have edited the Factions.xml for the space cap, but it remains to its size. I've edited the Gameconstants.xml too for the land cap, but nothing changes.

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Land cap is partly determined by the reinforcement points


Alternate Site



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SW Fanon Wiki entry - Captain Artenon

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Yes, if it's for campaign/GC.

Forgot to add a thing, I mean how to add population cap for land in Skirmish. :P

After some effort I've successfully added the population cap for space, but for the land still remains 10/10 (sometimes 9/10). How to add it for skirmish? Nevermind the pop cap, I have found how to solve this one. :P


Also how about the SSD & MC units I said above?

Here is some part of the xml for the Mon Calamari unit:

	<Required_Special_Structures />
	<Required_Planets>MonCalimari, Kuat, Fondor, Sullust, Bestine, Corellia</Required_Planets>


The unit (Mon Calamari) text tooltip and name also shown missing although I have add it into the Text file (the DAT one). Nevermind the text too, it's done now. What left is why the unit won't shown on GC/Campaign.


Sorry for asking too much questions.

Thanks for your help. :)

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I found this in campaigns_underworld_gc.xml: Rebel, 4

the rebels only tech up when you've bought all new units right? what if you change the max tech level to 5 and add new units for tech level 5? Do the rebels have a new tech level then?

You will obtain a small error, because game tell you the tech level 4 as 5 and when you buy the rest of the units you will obtain a level 6 but the big error are the heroes, if you put a few as level 5 and you start the campaign on level 5 (if you have a true on support custom settings on campaign file) you will not see the correct level 5 heroes and you will need buy the units on level 5 to upgrade to level 6 for see the level 5 heroes. It is a strange FOC error.


And speaking about FOC errors, have you seen that the fighters launched from a hangar bay on a ship do not escort to the mother ship. When you move the mother ship, they will continue on the start position. It is a think that I do not like from FOC as the error from garrison units, sometimes or many times they not exit the bunker very well.

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