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[WIP/PRE-ALPHA] Omega Tek Expansion Mod

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Hello Everyone,


FIRST, please exccuse and ignroe all typos and grammer and spell errors through out...this is not exaclty one of my biggest brightest spots and I do type to damn fast so my applogies.


Even thou i'm still tehcnicaly early off in this new mod and i'm a bit bheind where I want to be due to some thins that I will explain cleary latter. I figured its time to go ahead and talk about and get information about my first real EAW/FOC mod out there for you all and to hear your feedback and question and ideas :)


First this is an Expansion Mod, meaning the mod aims to be simlar to an acutally offical expansion as much as we moddinly can of course :) The goals of the mod is simple, add new gameplay compontes, a brand new playable faction, a new single player story campaign with his new playable faction and more balance, and addtions to multiplayer skirmish and galatic conquest. Seems straight foward enough so lets get to the details of it.


First how the mod is going to be released I have decided the best way since it will take time is version phases heres how they will go and what you can expect of them:


ALPHA RELEASE - As the name suggests this is the first and will probley be the most messy release...its primary porpuse is bug fixing and balance checking. This rlease will including new units, heros, and galatic maps for the Empire, Rebels, And Zarn Consturinutm. The new omega tek faction will not be added yet, also there will be no skirmsh cahnges and since the single player campaighn will be replaced latter thsi will also be removed.


So what all can you expect in this release, a lot, this is after all a foundation relse, meaning eveyrhting else will be built on this, the new Galatic Campaigns will have a new more SW accurte map, this dosnt mean i'm changing eveyrthing to be cannon or anything, but expetc things to be mroe in there palce and a lot mroe plantes and them maps that accompy them of course.


BETA RELEASE - This is where the fun acutally begisn i think :) The Beta relase will include the new omage tek faction and its major goal is of course balance and bug fixes. Also the skirmish will be updated for the mod not only to included the Omega Tek Faction but all th new ships and things of that nature. Expect bug fixes and probley even mroe additions as well as possibly a small start to the acutall new single player campaign as well.


This for me is going to be the funnest not only to get it all working but acutaly scripting things as much as we can should be very intresting :) I'm hoping to have some suprises and other thigns that can continue a lot like FOC did in the story with the new faction :) So Expect his storyline to take place  cant wait to see :)


FINAL RELASE - As the name suggests thsi is the last release phase, this will include the fully working new single player campain (hopefully lol) and all the last baalnce changes at this point the mod should be nearly if not all but finshed baring bug fxies balance changes and any small or major additions/cahnges :) wih everthing working we can hope :)


So theres a basic breakdown of how the mod wil be rlease and summary of things and goals with them, now lets get to mroe of the meat of the mod whats incldued and what will all be in it. Of course the major point is the new playable faction, that hte mod is named for, the Omega Tek (OT for short). The OT is a fully playable faction to go with the Empire, Rebels, and the Consurtum. The OT will have there own unquie way of geting there tech nleves witch if I can work it they way I want should be a collection of nealry all 3 methods already. (ie, researching/building/stealing) The OT will be expalin story wise and play wise with there own new single palyer camapign withc will somewhat replace the origanl FOC campaign.


Besides the OT and the most obvious thisn in the mods, new units heros and the like some unquie new features is more plant unquire special and tatical advantages. For Example, the planet Genosis whenevr controled by any faction allows that faction to build Droid Control ships, witch in turn like the arc hammer allow Battle Droids and Super Battle Droids to be built. To keep the planet stratigic importance you have to hold Genisos to build the Droid Control Ships and the Droids themselevses...if you lsoe the planet you can no longer build them thou any you may posses are still yours untill there destoryed or sold.


Also another aspect is 'upgraded heros' basicly this prety much space based but you can build a new space ship for some of them ajor heros n the game, for example the emepero can gain a soverign class super star destoryer, once you build the exector and the death star II. Once built the 'soverign' emperor automaticly replaces the land only emperor.


Also all factions can build platform defesne, for the Rebels and Empires these are golan platforms, for the Constirum these are XQ platforms and for the Omega Tek there a comobination of the two.


Some new additions/imrpovemtns have been made, for exmaple all starfigthers now have at least a fighter version of the conncusion missle. This missle is fairly low damage and does damges sheilds so it does not ignroe them. Also some new warheads have been added, mainly the Heavy Rockets..a bigger much mroe lower and powerfull version of the torpedo, and Space bombs, a huge immentsly slow torpdo that right now is only avlaible to missle boats that does tremndious damage.


Another feature that I am currnelty working on and i want to show you al lsome screenshots of here in a bit, is all new creaft and stations will be destrutible, ie they will have breakoff parts. From the soverign, to the Golan stations.. ALL will be break-off I'm doing this even thou its a lot of owkr because i think it makes it mroe like an expansion mod and fanrkly I think its really ool and easier to see just how damged a ship is when a good chuck breaks off dont you :) (ITS COOL!!! lol)


This is the basic of thsi expansion mod so lets show you some of the progress and wherei 'm at at the moment. I acutaly ahve qutie a bit in...but most of it is being 'repalced' as a lot of themodels i have are static modles (no breakoff points) and i want to repalce them so there placehodler right now....some will rmain *liek the fighters* and of course all proper credits will be given * goign to be a loooooomng list lol) but lets go ahead and see what i've done so far.


First once of the new features, the plantary netural advantges, whoever controsl the planet gets to do build or control soemhing as long as they contro lit. in this screen shot here, you can see that as long as you control wayland, you get cotnrol of a netual hero, in this case the Dark jedi Master C'baoth (if his name isnt speleld irght n the screenshto dont worry IT wll be fixed!) if I was to lsoethis palent to the rbeles or cosntruim C'baoth would be removed and they would gain control of him and so on.



Under my control.....for now.....


Besdies the new heros for all factions for the ALPHA verision of the mod all Omega tek heros will temporlary be placed in one of the three existing factions. Currnlty one of the heros, Genreal Quickshot14 (yeah yeah i know ;P) is on the Empire side..they will distrubuted as evily as possible bwten the three so they can be balanced and bug-freed untill the OT faction is added then they will move to where they belong.



Genreal Quickshot14


As I mentioend before all new ships being added will be break-offable like we see in the orignal EAW and FOC...there are a few ships from EAW filefreont I was able to get that were already like htis and there proper credit will be givien but a lot that I had in there already i'm doing myself now... Now i wont pretend to be a modler I'm not...I cant even make these ships from scratch but I can break them apart and make them look like they been shot to hell...or at least try *grins* so thats what I have been doing...the soverign is a good example of this


I got the orignal soverign model from the warlords model pack we all know and improteted it into max 6 and got work...the soverign is finshed yet but shes fully basic hardpointed..meaning all imporant systems and her breakoff hard poitns are in, including her superlaser witch not only works perfectly but will also be disabled will not fire if the frot hardpoint that is the spire is destoryeed! heres screenshots blow...please rmeebr this is still a wip and the soverign is not finshes yet but her breakofs and ablity is fully working.



About the soverign.....



The Soverigns Axial Superlaser In Action



The Soverign losses is superlaser!


As you may note the butons for the supers laser dont get greyed out but you cant target anything, once the piece is destoryed the superlaser is totaly disbaled! this of course makes the hardpoint the msot important target and of curse will be heavily balance tested. Its also important to ntoe that the Soverigns super laser is JUST an axial superlaser, it is nto a superlaser like on the death star II or eclipse capable of destorying planets. This should provide some extra balance. Also as ntoed the soverign is a one time build ship and is the emeperos upgraded version..the version show here is just the ship for tesing reasons as I finsh it up. The upgraded emperor soverign can not be built untill you build the exectour and the death start two only then can you build/upgrade him to his soverign form 9witch is space and land isntead of just land)


You may also hve ntoiced vader is there and sois the buildable exectour...like the empero vader is upgradable...starting in his orignal eaw hero form then upgraded to his FOC exectour form once built. I also decided to make the arc hammer to be purchased/built first as i figrued that make mroe sesne.


Also its important to note when  you reach tech 5 as Empire you can build Super Star Destoryers but they can not be built until AFTER the execotur is built....these are some of things i'm doing ot gameplay and balance and i'm hoping this works  out well...


Theres obviouslya lot more thensome neat things i'm leaning to do and elments beyond the upgrading heros and the unquie units like for instance a way to be able to bring the noghir assians permlty to the rebel side and the meepire losses the ablity to create anymroe and even have any regardless if they have honogor or not..and more....I hope to reveal mroe as the mod comes a long...right now the thing thats taking the msot time is coverting these basic warlord modles to eaw destructibls as you can imagne its quite a long processes esppcaily for big ships like the soberign...


I will glady anwer any questions you have and ides or concersn you may liek to know as wlel as i know I couldnt cover eevrything here so please by all means fire away :)


I hope you all like wha you see and I hope you will have fun playing it wheneevr I mange to stat realesing it as I will :) May the force be with you :)

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