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Gundam Journey to Jaburo


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Been playing all my Gundam games including replaying a few other PS2 games every now and then. I came back to my first PS2 game being this game. I'll link you the opening and something you get in tactical battles. I assume you can continue playing and replaying these 3 missions in tactical as Feddies vs Zeon style almost.


Tactical Opening (once you beat the 9 missions of story mode):



Normal Opening



Gameplay videos:


I still find those cinematic videos to be superior since you don't see much of them except for those chosen few moments. I liked how this game handled its gallery mode which was removed in Federation vs Zeon and readded in Gundam vs Zeta Gundam then removed in Crossfire and added into Ecounters in Space. My issue with the game are the controls but you get used to them.

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Lol i've somehow did well with a Zaku 2 on mission 3 (three total per side, two sides in Tactical combat). I beat 7 suits and unlocked the Gouf (my fav) and the Zaku 2 Char's Custom. Then I used both the Gouf and the Zaku 2 Char Custom and got a silly Gogg (Water type suit with only one map with a medium sized river). Well the reason i'm still playing the game is to unlock mobile suits and get better ranks. I'm unlocking mobile suits and content left right and center now from my skill of getting used to the old controls  8). This game shoulda had 3 more missions to choose from ah well.


I can unlock the Kampher and the Gundam RX-79[G] Gundam if I play more and kill more mobile suits. Man I love unlocks in games with replay value. This is how a game should be and not like Black and White 2 with no replay value or a game only based on story.


edit: I get videos like these after they show me my stats.


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