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Higurashi Daybreak


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Since I'm too lazy to write a lot:



If you've watched the show (click the big picture in my sig for the link), then this is funny, seeing as its all happy-happy and not *cough* like the show...well you'll see. Don't be afraid. click that link! Otherwise, its a 2 vs 2 3rd person shooter/melee game that has cute girls bashing each other (yay!)...but thats not its point.




Some screens are on the wikipedia article.


if anyone wants, I can send you the torrent for it (you won't be able to find it in stores, guaranteed, unless you're in japan.) Be warned though, its 5.33GB (including the expansion and soundtrack) so be ready to waste a week downloading.


We can play direct IP or LAN with up to 4 players (2 vs 2, always). I'm sending substance a copy already, since the torrent would start for him or something...but anyone else want to get owned? haha.


"That was fun"

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Ya it "wouldn't" start.  ::)


I'd recommend you watch the anime first "Higurashi no naku koro ni" then its second season "Higuarashi no naku koro ni -kai-". The second season is up to 4 episodes and the story goes well but weird.


Man I can't wait to kick Ooichi's ass since hes one annoying bastard.

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So my game came in from Fed-ex with yesterday the guy couldn't get in because of some messages or something that prevented the door opening to the apartment. However I did get my game on the third day so time to have some fun (if I can figure it out).
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If you need to know the controls...



Z- confirm

X- cancel

Arrow Keys: navigate



A- Switch targets

S- Use "hypermode"

D- Block

Z- Jump

X- Melee attack

C- Range Attack/Charge

W- Pause

Arrow Keys: Move


"That was fun"

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