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I have created a new galactic conquest map for anyone looking for something new.


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I've made a custom map for forces of Corruption. I based it off of lore as close as possible. I also modified the game a little to make it also more accurate. And increased the Ai diffuclty. This is just the beta release of the map and mod. I have severely tested out the Rebels, but the Consortium and the Empire I haven't the time to really test these factions. The GC map is designed to be hard for the Rebels and the Zann consortium becuase like in the movies, the Empire is on the winning side of the war. So if its too easy for the Empire to win, could someone let me know. A How to install guide is included with the files. You can choose what files you want to use, for example if you want just the map, you can delete the other two files holding the other mods. Their is a description of what the xmls change in each folder so you can choose accordingly.

And again this is just the beta release, so if you have any comments or suggestions on anything post them here.

(note*- Updated to full version, link down below    \    /


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I've just finished up the beta, and heres the whole release of the map and mod, with a short description.

The Rebels are now on the run from the Empire and only control a few planets. This more accuratley depicts the

desperate struggle for the Rebellion and can be severely overpowered if the wrong moves are made.

Survival early in the campaign will be challenging.


While the Empire looks for the Alliance's bases it has its more accuratley depicted rule of the Galaxy. With the

first Death Star over Alderaan.


The Consortium is also in its beginning stages, and depicts the starting events of the campaign, which is primarily

spreading their corruption and taking out the hutt cartel.


You can also install my mini mod along with the map, which makes the galactic AI much tougher, and which more accuratley portrays the way each faction should and would be acting. For example the Empire is now very ruthless and aggressive.


Some of the other changes i have made are-

Galactic population limit (raised)

Adjusted star base garrison for Rebels (now have increased garrison with A- wing, and B-Wing, But have limited

reinforcements according to lore)

Adjusted star base garrison for Imperials (now have increased garrison according to lore)

Empire now able to build Original Deathstar at tech 4, while still being able to build Death Star II at tech level 5.

The AI will build much bigger and stronger fleets.


So for any Star Wars fan who wants to be put in the seat of each faction at or around the time of the destruction of Alderaan, then you'll want to download this mod.


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