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Modern and Fixed up SW Flight Sim

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Basic Information:

Time period: All chapters


- You start off in Neutral, Imperial, Rebel, (Republic, CIS could be one of those unlocks)

- Starts off in the Home area of the faction in that timeline

- First needs training in flying the fighter,

- You can buy any Faction based ship in stock as long as you do the missions or hijack random ships (or people in spaceports).

- You can travel around the ship or stay in the bridge and command everybody from there.

- Missions/orders come from a hologram, boards, or from people (Randomly generated also).

- You can change the timeline by destroying certain ships you come in contract with and also make new ones.

- You can land at planet bases/out posts/shipyard for resupplying and exploring the base/outposts/shipyard (Can travel no farther and will be stopped by guards asking for your planet citizenship)

-You can attack any ship you would like and the game will realistically react to your actions (If Imperial they will torture you if they are policing an area, If Rebels they will punish you if you attack friendlies or even boot you out, for neutrals the sector's police/guards will harass you until you stop your ship or leave the sector.

-Customize your ship with paint jobs, interior designs on transports, and customize your character.

-If you own a ship you can buy or fire your crew

- Mod support for adding new characters, ships and planet bases and player save points in the game on a planet.



- up to 64 players can play and any side you want.

- Vast area of space bigger then Star Wars Galaxies space area.

- Can control any component (Engines, shields, bridge, troop stations) on the ship

- Can only hologram or radio chat to another player but only through there. Players will choose teamspeak or xfire but for those that rather do it the realistic way can.

- Can be revived by another player or ai medic team if near the area or in the ship.




More detailed Information


Since there was a lack of new Flight Sim games for Star Wars when EAW came out (and still to this current day of July 2nd 2007) I thought I should tell the forumers (On PFF) and Lucasarts to make a new Flight Sim for PC and consoles (join forces online) so they can enjoy flying in their favourite Star Wars vehicles. Since there is a lack of flight sims I would also suggest doing more work then just spitting just another game for the fans and actually make it worth the buy with going beyond a rehash. Players will start from their factions HQ doing training that will dictate what ship they will get and how they perform in battle. I will now break down each part of the game in more detail to give you an idea of how the game could play.


Training in Faction Base:

This mode could be a start off a new career or just a button in the menu but it must be added. If your in Career you can simply radio your squadron leader and he'll escort you to the closest space station to do training (if your close enough to any Imperial owned planet). Or you can simply save and exit to the main menu and click on Training camp from there and return to career.


This mode is very important because you need to know what you are doing and so does your character. This mode adds an RPG element to the game where you level up and add "power up" to your character which will effect how you do up in space and how other recruits like yourself with present themselves to you. Your experience effects how you and your teammates react to one another except for neutral factioned players with no faction affiliates. At times you will see your character loosing his "edge" and would recommend relearning what he has learned at the Imperial Navy Academy/Training base where the player has to keep his character in top fighting/flying ace pilot self. 


Neutral players will get training if they choose to but they will just be helping out pirate factions or betraying them. They have more of a choice to obtain training or not but it would be recommended if they do since their performance would go up greatly. It should not be forced onto the player for the neutral aligned player since the player should be able to do things more freely then in the Empire or the Rebellion. The Neutral player would rely more on money and stealing which would be more pirate and personal attempt taught. Trial and Error for the Neutrals.


For the Empire you would start off in a Imperial training camp and would be forced to do training before seeing action in space. The only time you can skip training is if your in a mission that requires you in action at all times until reaching an Imperial owned Planet/Space station. Your training will consist of keeping the ship in tip top shape such as keeping the engines running, engines tuned, shields perfectly tuned and running, radio navigating, and basically simple component training (Think Silent Hunter 3 and Battlefront 2). For every rank gained you will have to report back to training for more lessons for every ship class. For those that played Battlefront 2 space battles will remember you can repair the shields, well the players will grab the necessary tools in the ship to repair the part. The players will also learn how to fly their fighters, bombers, scouts, transports, frigates, corvettes, and to the bigger ships.


For the Rebels It will be as simple as learning how to use the droids as repair tools, flying a star ship, repairing your Y-Wings, and learning how to fly ships. They will also learn how to use their ships and how to repair them. In Missions you will also help the Rebels learn how to fly new ships that they captured or modded in by fans.


When you beat all three careers from the game you will open up the Republic and CIS Career mode where you will be able to do more training missions. These will give you new skills and character achievements that you can add to your profile (talked about next) which can be unlocked online for new gameplay. You will learn what the Imperials are learning but more for what the Republic tech has so you will learn the appropriate stuff.



This profile is important to the player because it will keep all his achievements he has done in training, career, and online. It will show medals, awards and how many you killed. This profile also shows the ranking you have both offline and online for each game type (Mods or vanilla). This profile will also be helpful for those clans/guilds that want to recruit all those players that fit their specifications. It also will be shown as bragging rights to other players or to those needing help.


Game Store:

Each faction will have its own selection of ships the player can buy with faction points. The player will gain faction points through training camp missions, missions from their faction, Helpful patrol missions (from space stations/spaceports) or Mission generators that randomly generate missions and load player made missions for the specified faction. The amount of Faction points you gain will be decided through mission type and level difficulty. The game store will contain ships, ship components, random ship parts, weaponry for the ships, ship crew for hire (neutral, rebel), player's pilot customization (i.e uniforms, guns for raids, and ect), and any player made content.


Ships and Ranking:

You gain ranks by doing missions for your faction and any place that gives you missions. If you help out a random civilian he will recommend how you helped him to your faction with the faction rewarding you appropriately. The ships you gain are determined by the time line and the ranking you have. You will start off from a training camp learning basic lessons to a trainer Tie Fighter to Frigates and Corvettes to Capital ships (and any modded ships you added). To start gaining larger ships though you have to go back to training after every ranking you accomplish in career to actually acquire a bigger ship and crew. In Career the crew will be randomly assigned to you as will they in multilayer.


If your a multi-passenger ship owner and know how to repair ships as well as fly it then your role is greatly widened. You can repair the ship and command it at the same time giving you more efficiency in space.




Empire Side:

You fight for the Empire from the end of Episode 3 up until the very end and beyond. The only plot is that you follow what the Empire tells you to do from the movies, any series between episode 3 & 4 up until Endor. If your one of those players who skipped tutorial/Training camp then you will end up in a less skilled fleet fighting for the Empire doing patrols and escorts with more effort needed to make up for your lack of training effort. If you have completed The Training Camp missions and been told what squadron/Fleet and ship you have then you will be placed in that fleet/squadron that you have been assigned to in career every single time. If you gain ranks and choose not to go back to training camps then you will have more and more crew not respecting you over time unless your highly respected by the AI pilots (who will scan through your mission progression results).


Once you get past the story missions and survive to Endor then you will be own your own fighting for the Empire with random generated missions to rely on, random faction raids, and any events Lucasarts wants to add into the game itself. You will also find yourself fighting on land but very rarely and only in Movie based missions. You can also try to destroy every single A-Wing in the game to prevent an A-Wing crashing into the Executor if you wish with the Empire living on going into EU timeline.


Rebel Side:

You will start off as a trained recruit starting from when the Rebellion was form fighting in space and only protecting Rebel owned bases on land (only in Story missions). You will fight the Empire and assist them in every way you can including trying to destroy the Death Star. You will also be able to own larger ships and command a larger fleet with more respect and rankings gained with more to accomplish.


Neutral Side:

Neutral pilots are those gamers who rather use pirate ships or modded ships with no affiliates and fight for no cause. They can join any faction and leave them but only through faction trust at a space station of the correct faction. You have more freedom to do as you wish but less to accomplish. You have a unique mission type that other factions might harass you for if they discover you doing something they wish you not. You have access to smuggling spices from outpost to outpost. The options are more unique then for Factions being less Linear. If you are at the right place at the right time during story mode you can see certain events unfold and even can participate in them if you wish.


New Republic & CIS Factions:

These two factions are unlocked through completing both Rebellion and Imperial careers to the finish in Story mode (not counting what happens after). You fight from Episode 1 to the end of Episode three and if you survive (if you do) you can live on to the original time line. You fight from the beginning to the end even in the Clone Wars Cartoon, 3D battles.



There are three types of modes for multiplayer which are "Quick battle", Faction Sided battle (co-op), and a game-mode where one side fights the other with up to 64 players on a side.


Quick Battle:

You and a few players just choose a ship, a scenerio, and just do what it tells you to. For those that rather just hope into the game and leave quickly.


Faction Sided Co-op:

You and a couple players assist one another in an online version of Career but not containing training camps. You and a player go in the same fleet and randomly chosen squadron. You fight for the same side doing what the career does up until you reach Ace pilot ranking. Once the story parts are complete you fight in the EU side of the story and then randomly generated missions. Same as whats in offline career.


64 Player battlefield:

32 players vs 32 (normal game) where one side fights against another in a scenerio battle or career mode. Simple.


Deaths in the game:

For Career when you die you lose some of your faction points, some respect and continue on off from where you died. Your ship is also out of commission with you needed to receive another one of the same type. Your fighting over a large timeline so you have to have some kind of death penalty.


In Republic and CIS unlocks when you die you have to start over from the beginning since after all it is an unlock that required skill.



----end of Transmission----

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