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Rise of the G.S.F.S


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Side Note: Any grammer issues and typos are not my fault since i'd rather get something out then nothing at all. This will be a movie transcript for a video I will make and this won't be final stuff. Everything will be edited appropriately :P Oh and any voices will be subbed in with music playing in the background. I'll see if I can actually pull this off solo.




Rise of the G.S.F.S - Part 1




=View pans towards a single Mon Cal moving around Endor after the battle=


---Incoming Transmission---


Rebel Mon-Cal Commander: "View the incoming transmission"

Bridge Officer: "Yes Sir, on Holo 3"





We have located an unknown vessel that looks like it came from the Imperial Navy but it is not really part of their fleet. We saw it in action and it destroyed 12 squadrons of Tie Interceptor Fighters, 5 Tie bomber squadrons and 5 Decimator frigates. We assumed it was one of their testing sessions but currently are unsure what the Imperials are doing. Having that many fighters, bombers and frigates lost to one ship without taking damage is unheard of with us needing to capture it before it is used on us. It does not appear to be an Imperial ship but it does have similarities of being with the Empire. A ship that nicely painted and made is very hard to come by even with those deadly fighters of theirs. You are assigned to find it and take it over and lastly don't let this information leak, keep it to yourselves and the crew at all costs, end of transmission"


--------End of Transmission------------


Rebel Mon-Cal Commander: "Hmm, this is a pain we were just about to finish off the Imperial fleet here. This will cause them to reinforce this area. Ok get ready to head out and track this ship down. Where to Navigator?"


Navigator: "To Geonosis sector sir"

Rebel Mon Cal Commander: "Ok off to Geonosis we go"


=View changes to Geonosis with the view being clear with a ship then appearing out of nowhere=


-Unnamed ship : "Well that should stir things up, we used fake holograms to stir up the Rebellion. They are heading this way so lets get ready to get their arrogant asses out of here."


- unnamed Bridge Officer: "Sir the Rebels are inbound what shall we do?

- Unnamed Ship Captain: "Bring in that Corrupt Cruiser we captured and re-engineered. It will come in handy for this operation since we need to keep our ship a secret until the time comes. Alright bring it here!"

- Unnamed Bridge Communicator: "Ok sending out the encoded message to our buddies it should be here as soon as the Rebels get here with it being cloaked. What the Rebels will see would be an invisible barrage of destruction."

- unnamed Bridge Captain: "Perfect get some popcorn and watch this fleet be decimated. Lastly so this works out as planned and they don't get any weird ideas lets get a hologram of a trader ship being repaired after being attacked by pirates."

- Unnamed Bridge Officer: "Alright done lets just hope this doesn't backfire on us, Ready for action."


*view changes from the ship cloaking to the rebels hybering inwith their one Mon cal and a squadron of X-wings and cruising to the trader ship*

*A view of the Corrupt Cruiser hypering in then quickly cloaking without the Rebels noticing what exactly it is but saw something on its radar*

*View changes to the Mon Cal*

Mon Cal Navigational officer: "Uh sir,...for a split second we had a contact on our map but now it is gone. We also have a trader ship contact what should we do? Find out what that other blip was or ignore it?"

Mon Cal Captain: "Lets assist that trader ship there and make sure to keep a close eye out for any contacts, keep your guard up this is strange."


=View changes to the Corrupt Cruiser closing in like a submarine and releasing its lasers onto the Mon Cal=


Mon cal Captain: "SHIELDS! FIRE BACK!"


=View changes back to the mon cal then both firing at each other=

=X-wings come inbound to the uncloaking Captured Corrupt Cruiser=

=a view of the Mon cal and the Corrupt cruiser continue firing while the X-wings come in for the shield drain until the main weapon fires from the ship hitting the Mon-Cal causing massive damage=

=view of the other ship uncloaking and joining the fight, releases fighters that attack the X-wing squadrons and the Mon-Cal=

=few moments later view of both destroyed

=View of the uncloaked ship is later to be known as "Substantial Sword" with text being written on the bottom and fighters swarm around the main ship with the Corrupt Cruiser cruising around Substantial Sword.


=Credits role=



----End of Part 1----

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Will be shown @ the beginning then at the end. But at the end it'll say "Ghostly's Secret Forced Society"


Heres the Logo (I'll get someone to do a better job with the lettering and background but that symbol will stay the same, (curse at jpeg quality).




@ AT-AT, it'll be a miracle if I could pull this off with any modded units.

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Ah you've made a new logo I see.


Oh and i got gamecam full version.


No logo on the side, custom watermark (if i wanted), unlimited record time. If you want me to film anything, I can :P


"That was fun"

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Rise of the G.S.F.S - Earths Reality Part 1


Note: First of all this has and doesn't deal with our world issue, this goes in a different direction. Secondly if you have trouble reading my post then feel free to message me. Thirdly its only a story chill out, lastly my faction travels around with worm holes.End of Note


The year 2011, Americans taken full control over Iraq decides to invade India and Iran with the whole world watching what will happen next like scared wolves. America still going on about how terrorists are going to harm the world since they are being controlled through the interior of the government populace, even in the year 2012. Even before 2007 people were fed up at first site but did not have the power to do so until a resistance was formed within Europe. France and Britain were the two birthplaces of this new group called the G.S.F.S (Ghostly's Secret Forced Society) which is focused on balancing the playing field on any field. Their goal is to balance and control everything to a degree even to the point where society from the past would see these actions as evil things. For example the G.S.F.S will help the "losing" side or the "bad" side while torturing the attacking side which claim they are the good side. They will also attack those who are weak (if population is way past the limit) and those who are very arrogant with tons of arrogance.


---Incoming radio communication---


unknown American Tank Pilot: "Commander we managed to hold them off and every time we tried to grab their equipment it blow up in our faces. We don't know when and where they will attack next since their goal is unclear at this point in time. I managed to grab one thing though and it says 'G.S.F.S'."


Unknown American commander: "Good job, now keep em back while I call for more reinforcements. This is weird now protect California side of America, we can't lose any more land. We need to get Hawaii, Alaska, and our Pacific & Atlantic Coastline back.




Red = Untouched Canada (went back to Peacekeeping status because their army is small)

Dark Grey = Taken over by the G.S.F.S.

Blue = American soil


[Now on the HQ Ship located in the Pacific Waters]


random G.S.F.S resistance officer: "Good thing we managed to hack into Area 51 and get all their plans now we got 3 ships like seen on Star Trek and Star Wars. Best thing is it can go underwater and in the air with nobody noticing where we are. These Americans sure had a lot of classified information that we never knew of."


G.S.F.S leader: "Give me the stats on blockading America's shipping lanes and their current military reinforcement status"


G.S.F.S Officer#2: "Well sir 90% of their shipping lanes are blockaded but the Canadian and the Southern area will be their main trading post now. About their reinforcement status it is reduced to 60% strength from 80% from last month."


G.S.F.S Leader: "Man do I ever like the Germans, they managed to side with us, a little group and abandon all those 'Allied' buggers. We scrapped all the American vehicles and made new prototypes out of them which are far superior their Leopard Tank. I fear Russia and other nations will attack USA so don't forget to also defend America while we restore its proper glory.....


G.S.F.S Navigator: ".....Um...we have three American subs around us however they still don't know we are in the water, what shall I do?


G.S.F.S Leader: "Hold off your attack until they notice us. if they do notice us then have them disarmed and find a way to bring them to the surface without damaging their ship. We don't want to kill anybody on board this ship just those controlling them and the uneducated who want to stay uneducated. When they surface we'll surface and capture them......"


G.S.F.S Task Force leader: "...Ya we know Capture them and assimilate them into our group and scrap their vehicles into new ones."


G.S.F.S Leader: "Exactly now then send "T.F.2" to defend positions in our Eastern half of America. We need to fortify it the best we can and give the people a more hurricane proof area. I got the plans here of building proper buildings, if we run out of materials we'll get our France, Britian and friendly Germany to help."


--------End, More shall be clarified later---------

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