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Would anyone who has played this be willing to give an overview, and their honest rating say out of 10 for each of the following criteria.

1. Graphics

2. Playablilty

3. Storyline

4. Sound Effects

5. Interest level


and state your honest opinion of the game's Learning curve.


(i will do it later if no one else is willing.) Please also create a seperate overview of the Expansion.




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Ill do one for FoC because I dont play EAW anymore.


Graphics (assumed on maximum) id rate 9, however the units are very choppy in the movements which counter acts the realism the high graphics try to achieve. If I were to rate that it would be a 6.


Playability means how smooth it plays right? No glitches, no awkward moments, good tutorials, ballenced factions and units. Id give that an overall 7. Some of the units are over powered and a couple of glitches here and there.


I liked the storyline, but I think it could have used some work on character development. 7


Sound were good I think. I dont really have much to compare it too but authentic enough for a StarWars game. 9


Interest level is completely subjective IMHO. This is a starwars game. Some people dont like SW. StarCraft is universal with no prior history. If you dont know the heros, you dont know the units, dont know the planets or starwars history, I think it will be a lot less interesting. For me id rate it a 10. But for a non SW fan by standard, maybe only a 6.


The learning curve took me about 2 days to learn how to play, 1 month to learn all the units and functions (in space) and im still not started land yet.

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Graphics on Maximum looks pretty nice, though its practically the ONLY game I've played with max graphics on max resolution before (haven't tried many other ones yet)...9/10 seems about right though.


Playability? I'd give it an 8.


Storyline gets a 9. Character development can get boring sometimes (who likes to sit there and watch them talk to each other for HOURS?) It got a good sense of the character from their lines and actions anyway, it was good enough. The ending is a cliffhanger so -1.


Sounds? In Space? NO WAY! 0/10. jk, its fine, most of the music and voice overs are rly good, maybe except for one or two, so 9/10


Interest level shouldn't be rated, really. I'd give it a 10 just because I'm a SWEaW/FoC addict...


Took me one play through the tutorials in EaW to get a good grasp, and i read the manual about 5-6 times to get to know the units (did that all in a day, beat the EaW campaign in a day too.) Then took about 2-3 games online to get a grasp of what's good and what's not (Back then it was all acclamator rush).

Then FoC came out, but by that time, I'd tore apart the EaW XMLs enough to know like, how much damage a turbolaser bolt would do to a tartan cruiser and how many hits it'd take...I even kinda memorized the fire volley counts on the hardpoints and their health...so I bascally tore the game code apart, so I did the same with FoC (took a few minutes). Then I went and beat the campaign in a few hours, then proceeded to go online and learn how to StarViper Rush.


EaW: took me about 1 day to get to know how to play, a week to get decent online (Multi).

FoC: took me no time at all to get to know how to play, and a few days to get decent online (Multi).


I'm still no good at 1v1. I need support from teammates lol, even if its just distractions. Less micro.


"That was fun"

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  • 1 year later...

this one ill say about FOC


1. Graphics          =9

2. Playablilty      =8

3. Storyline        =5

4. Sound Effects    =9

5. Interest level    =8


thats how ill rate those

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