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Would any of you like to give your honest opinion of how the game plays maybe provide a little bit of background for people considering considering to play it.



Also please rate it out of 10 on the following Criteria.

1. Playability

2. Interest Level

3. Graphics

4. Sound Effects

5. Storyline


Also please state your honest Learning Curve.


(Stating which format you own the game on as well please. Xbox 360 or PC.)




I Support the Resistance!

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I will try my best but note that i am not that good at making very long posts.


First off ill start with back ground.


This game is a semi sequel to Westwoods C&C Tiberian Sun/Fire storm (so if you want to know more i would get these games but note they are quite old). Before i go any futher i must tell you that the whole point of this series is Tiberium, a crystal that land on earth some time in the 1990's which is used as money in the game, however is toxic to humans. In the game, you can choose from three sides GDI ( Global Defense Initiative), Nod, and the Scrin.


GDI are basically the good guys of the story, they are at war with nod and are attempting to get rid of them.


NOD, as you can guess, are the bad guys they are terrorists and promote the spread of tiberium; led by Kane.


The Scrin; are aliens that will invade earth in this game and are hostile to both NOD and GDI.


Now back to the back ground. In the start their are three zones that the world is divided into blue,yellow, and red.

Blue zones are the ones that are protected by GDI so their is no tiberium in these zones and they are all well maintained, however, there are not many of them.

Yellow Zones, cover most of the world and are habitable for Humans, however they're torn apart by war with Nod, because this is where they operate mostly.

Red zones they are not livable and are highly contaminate with tiberium.

The general idea of the story, is that the GDI fight against nod, until the scrin arrive. Afterwards, they focus on the Scrin. Nod does the same, and the scrin campaign i wish i could tell you more but i haven't played it yet.


Thats about as much as i can give you unless you want be to explain the whole story.


My review:


Playability 7/10


This is lacking in alot of ways in multi player as their are many bugs and exploits still in the game which basically make the game unplayable as mutliplayer (without further Updates by EA). In single player it is a different story as the ai will not cheat against you so in that aspect it is very playable (note i play mostly single player so other players might rate this lower). Balance is okay too their are some unbalances but they are not to major.


Interest Level 8/10


I found the interest level of this game to be high up their the cut scenes are good, the campaign isn't boring, and it is set in a sci fi setting (which is my favorite BTW).


Graphics 9/10

While these are the absolute best graphics in any Real Time Strategy (RTS) game i have seen. They are quite high demanding for the best graphics. You wont be disappointed by the graphics as long as you have a decent graphics card.


Sound affects 10/10


The sounds are excellent, i think but then again I'm not much of a person that would care as much about sound, however they are not cheesy sounds.


Storyline 7/10


This has a good story line but the downfall is that you wont get some parts  unless you have played the forementioned games.



Well thats it also BTW i have the PC version.




EDITED SLIGHTLY FOR READABILITY BY grd. adml thrawn 889, global mod.

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