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Particle Editor 1.0 Released!

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Yes, it's finally done. The Particle Editor has been released!


Engines, explosions, and every other effect can now be edited or created from scratch.


Get it here:

Thanks to the beta-testers for improvements and finding bugs.


Also, swgbex is working on a tutorial for it, so keep an eye out for that one.


Now, particles are complex things, and the beta-testers and me couldn't possibly test every combination of every setting, so if you find that the editor behaves differently from the game, or simply has a bug, please mail me the .alo file and a description of how and where you use it and how it differs.



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*rubs eyes*

:o :o



Now THIS is worth having a party over!


This is a godsend....many thanks!



[3:52:33 PM] Arbiter says: Paracetamoxyfrusebendroneomycin would cure all of his diseases....

[3:52:47 PM] Arbiter says: Except with the side effect of probable death.

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I will finish the tutorial by the end of today. its quite simple.. *give me time though*


*see those lasers on the venator? Made with mikes tools =D * mike did a really nice job


Hehe IA 2 venator :P

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I tried first but I could not save well the file or the program does not save the file well. I wanted edit a SSD engines.

From this SSD to make them smaller.



"Nada escapa a mis dominios".

Clan Nomada Web Site

FirefoxCCMods Web Site

(Only www.FirefoxCCMods.com is a English web site).

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You can edit the engines. But it can be tricky. Just by opening an engine.alo and saving, it changes something. For example, if you open & save pe_z95engines.alo, without making any changes, they will alternately flash on and off between the two at different times. I was able to work around that by increasing the maximum lifetime in seconds from the original setting of that alo file. Another example of an issue I haven't figured a fix for yet is multiple engines equaling more than 3. When I drop it from the reinforcement window, it arrives with only one engine lit dimly. Then it slowly gets brighter and then each one of the other engines light up the same way, one at a time. After they're lit, they work fine. I've been trying all the options, one at a time to see it's affect, but so far I'm stumped.


Still, this is a fantastic tool, just not sure how some of these options work yet.

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Hm, there does indeed appear to be an issue with engines.


I'm afraid I haven't been able to test everything myself, so things such as this might pop up.


I'll let you know when I have it fixed.



Edit: Done. Turns out engines have more than one setting. Particle Editor is now at 1.1.

Let me know if it works now.

Edited by Mike.nl
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You ROCK, Mike!


It definately fixed the multple engine problem. They act as they should straight from the reinforcement window. I'll let you know if anything else shows up.


Thanks again

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  • 1 month later...

I was going to use a particle  as a prop on a land map, But it does not show up in game .

however it shows up in the map editor. I was wondering because some of the particles do show up in game.

I know i probably have to edit some xml file, but i have tried and failed.

Please could someone help me.

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