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Lord of the Rings


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Hey guys, this is by far the best Forum ever created on the Web, weather you are a lord of the rings fan or not, you will find much enjoyment here, it truely is the best. Read below for all the information on this amazing site




April 17, 2007. 



First, with the magic of J.R.R. Tolkien, it was the books, then it was the movies, then the DVD’s and now – with the publication of the Children of Hurin -  it’s back to the books again.


As Frodo told Sam, the great tales never do end, and here at http://www.lotrplaza.com you have the ideal opportunity , like Sam and Frodo in Lord of the Rings, to be part of the great tales yourself.


Whatever your interest, books, movies, DVD’s, role-plays,  lore discussions, being a member of one of the many kingdoms, writing poetry and fanfic, battling,  hanging out with friends in OOME, or just being foo, http://www.lotrplaza.com  has something for everyone.




With an international membership of over 81,000 , Plaza members have currently posted 251,296 posts on 5,841 Topics, in 34 Forums, which have been enjoyed by them and the hundreds –of-thousands of visitors who log-on with us every month.


Membership is free and open to all ages.  The administrative team that oversees the website is made up of volunteers who work tirelessly to ensure that the site remains family-friendly, clear of anything that might interfere with the enjoyment that all fans can experience regardless of age or previous Middle Earth knowledge.


Our age range is effectively from 0-70 years, but the majority of our members are in the 10-20 age group.


Members join as “New Souls’. After achieving a certain number of points, by posting in the forums and answering questions in the ‘Halls of Knowledge’ quizzes,  they can elect to join one of nine ‘Kingdoms’, ranging from the elves of Imladris or Lothlorien, to Fangorn for the Ents, The Shire for Hobbits, and Mordor for the Minions of Mordor! All the main races of ME are represented in the Plaza Kingdoms.


Choosing to be an ME character is both fun and also a definition of the way you view your ME self.



The Forums


Members participate in over 34 forums or discussion centers, including those of the Nine Kingdoms, that cover the widest possible range of options, from Basic or Advanced  Lore, languages, the Movies, Books, Tolkien the Man,  role-play- or just simply chat about life in ME, both as portrayed in the books and the movies.  Other forums are designed to enable people of like –minds to socialize together, and others cover topics of general member interest outside the scope of ME.



The Library


The permanently updated Fanatics Library gives members the opportunity to check-up specialist and general references about their favorite characters and aspects of ME from current authoritative sources – including the Plaza’s many own ‘Lore masters”, who have a Web-wide reputation.



The Shop


Central to the Plaza is The Shop where all Tolkien fanatics can buy the widest range of books, CD’s, ME memorabilia, and games. The Plaza Shop also provides all users- through its affiliations with many organizations -the opportunity of purchasing many non-ME related items, in one convenient center.



So why don’t you become part of the ‘great tales’ by logging on to http://www.lotrplaza.com  -they really do never end? Come see!

User banned. -PFF Admin
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lol, well that wasn't why they banned you, I figured it out, they banned you because we both made accounts with the same IP address so they thought we were socks of each other, so they banned you because you made your account after me, they let the original stay, but the socks went away, or at least what they thought were socks, they don't care if you call sauron a stupid villian, I haven't been banned for that, and I have called him that before
User banned. -PFF Admin
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