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Staff Recruitment.


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Are you an Active member of the PFF Community?


Do you think you have what it takes to be a moderator for the boards??



Apply here:






Reason for Applying:


A Short Description of how you think PFF could go forward.




Raiden/ Foshjedi2004


PFF Administrator

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Ooo.. Woo!

Name- (cant I just use swgbex?! *boo*)

Age- Last i checked 17

Reason for applying- *because a moderator position could make up for the loss of 1500 posts :P* Seriously though.. Pff rocks.. we need to bring it back..  *Im starting to visit pff more often now =D*


Oh this one is a toughie

Can I have time to think on this one?



*please excuse me if it seems like im not being serious I just cant help it when im filling out stuff*

*Can I insert a small comment, The organisation of all the forums totally baffles me >> gotta get used to it, not bad.. but im not used to it*


Hehe IA 2 venator :P

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Oh boy...I don't know if I should apply; Bex deserves being a moderator more than I do.


Name:  Mikan Cyclone (working on getting real name changed to Mikan or similar =P)

Age- 15, 16 at end of the month

Reason for Applying:  Well, I was a "moderator" before the wipe, and I just thought, You know, what the hell, just apply again.  It won't effect me if I become a mod or if I don't.


I think PFF could go forward by maybe allying with a few other boards to get a few more regulars in.  I've been petitioning a few other friends to join (Mythyk's the only one who's applied) but yeah.  I think we need some more news about some of the games we've chosen to cover, and try to get a little bit more active in that area.  If we can't, we can always cut the non-active areas.  NO use to over-extend ourselves.


Just remeber, Bex before me =P




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Now that there are applications, I might as well bite... I've got nothing to lose and everything to gain! Although I do have some issues regarding privacy and sharing my name. If you put it together right, some people can find my face, where I live, etc...



AGE: 16

REASON FOR APPLYING: Well, it seems that none of the existing moderators really pay much attention to the EaW Modding section where there's a lot of spam going on, well, I don't know its just me. A lot of topics wouldn't still be in there and be spam if people botehred to check though. I'm on this forum several times everyday, its one of the ones that are relatively free-of-spam and noobs, and I hope that doesn't change.


Well, about PFF going forward, it seems that its quiet right now, but if you can get all those guests to join and post, there might be more activity and input. Maybe giving an incentive to do so (member only boards, etc) may encourage registration, and some post-related benefits might encourage posting, but it might also encourage spam...so that might nto be a good idea. Its not too bad as it is right now with a small amount of good people and no real spammers and idiots that are all over some of the other forums. This is small community right now, and has the benefits as such, at least for me. So, I caution over-encourage ment to join and the implciations that may arise. If we must expand, then I say we make ourselves more known through the various means like alliances, maybe ads, and through sigs/userbars. Maybe have some poeple say good things about this place.


Of course, you can just ignore this application as a noob who wants power, and you're probably more likely to go with others who have had past experience here. I don't mind...


"That was fun"

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Ive been here for too long to ignore such an oppertunity.


seems like many of our mods just use thier power for no other reason than because they have it.


you need someone that thinks differnt from your regualr moderators someone that can see all sides of the issue someone... like me


like droid, I'm throwing my real namne out in the internet so if anyone REALLY wants it just PM me and I might not give you a fake name.

age: 16

reason, see the 1st 3 sentances



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  • 2 weeks later...
Anyone else??? Going once.....going twice.....

Protecting the world from those who have an IQ higher than 30! Huzzah!


Trust me...I'm a professional.


Some other members and I are trying to be superheroes and save the forums. But we can't do it on our own. We need your help! Join us!



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