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1.4 patch info


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just some 1.4 patch news.



Many additions such as Vista Support, more Aggressive AI etc.


What is going to be fixed in this maintenance release:


Pacific Storm patch 1.4


1. The problem I ran into with ammo is that my fighters say they have no ammo but when I send them into battle and I take over in tactical mode I do have plenty of ammo on board. Not sure why on the info screen it says they have none.


2. The game often crashes to the desktop when

A. switching from the tactical to strategic level

B. at random in the tactical level


3. surface fired missiles do not function, SAMs do not fire from ships and SAM launchers do not appear on bases. Furthermore ships are usually armed with a random assortment of SAMs instead of those loaded on them. Cruise missiles disappear when ordered to fire from V1 launchers and no explosion occurs at the target nor is damage done. V2 launchers do not even appear at the tactical level.


4. P-38s plow into the water or land after dropping bombs when dive-bombing.


5. American AP 400 AB and AP 640 AB bombs do virtually no damage to ships when dropped from dive-bombers.


6. When ordered to attack ground, B-17s and B-24s often do not drop any of their bombs.


7. Planes are frequently destroyed in mid-air collisions after retreating from battle. In the cases an enemy fighter will be flying near where my units retreated and then it will explode and catch fire while debris from up to four of my aircraft suddenly appears and falls to earth and then game alerts me that several of my units have been destroyed.


8. The snorkel technology has no effect on submarine performance.


9. Multiplayer mode: in the battle planner players can only change their team number once, after that the menu isn´t working anymore


10. Multiplayer mode: in the battle planner players are not able to allocate units to the AI. In the flight simulator mode it works.


11. Multiplayer mode: if you remove the last AI and you click on "ready", the mission starts immediately and you have won, because the other player has no units


12. "Ammo" glitch

Playing as Japan about 5 months into a free campaign. I am patched to v1.3.1604. I produce about 10,000 tons of ammo. It only is being produced in Tokyo and as soon as it is produced it has evaporated to just a little over 1,000 tons. The ENTIRE ammo stock at every base has become 0 and I haven't used any of it. I am managing the bases myself. I try to save it by loading it to a transport. So when I need to supply a new division, I unload it. I click on the display message to notify me immediately as soon as it is unloaded. In just that short time there is now only remaining just over 400 tons, and I haven't even gotten a chance to supply my new division yet! (It still has 0 ammo.) This is far too expensive. There are no other units at the base.


14. There is still a problem with the dive bombers: bombers of the American side don´t shoot their bombs, the Japanese do. This problem only occurs while playing the American side. When the AI plays Amrican they shoot their bombs.


15. More aggressive and powerfully AI.

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