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Wow I seem to be the mass poster in the PS3 section  :o


Anyways LittleBigPlanet is a 2D like game similar to that of Sonic and Mario games. You build your own maps (or even download them) and just play through them doing puzzles and such. You can add anything to the level you want like stickers or random game/anime/cartoon/traveling pictures. Create the level as you wish and have it uploaded then rated.


More on it below:




Personally I like this game for all the creativity you can add into the maps and your characters. You can gesture with them characters and even punch other characters (without losing health). Thoughts?

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Yeah it does seem like it  :D


Well any ways the game looks fun but  have had a hard time playing any of my own maps and having fun in them as I always know were everything is and what to do.

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Character Creation:











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Sort of Beta, really. key codes have been handed out all over the place. Keep an eye open with some of teh gaming newssites like Joystiq and see which sites are hosting. I just did my preorder yesterday after playing. This game is very cool.
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Checked a few game sites out and saw that they made you do questions to get them. I miss the Keys being handed out, you download and play, then game expires on set date. It works better on the PS3 then on PC with that kind of thing since more focus on my side on it.


So uh chip, got a digital camera that can take videos of the said beta? I just want to see how it plays from start up to when you exit out. If you can't then thats fine, I can wait till the game comes out.

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Sure. After I take the wife to the airport in the morning I will give it a go. The thing to remember is that this beta is actually earlier code. What is being released is cleaned up even more although I don't see how that is possible. The game is truley stunning.
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