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my Titan Quest pictures


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Again i'll just copy and paste my messages in a quoted manner.


Well heres a few screens for those thinking of getting it.











Picture 1:

This is my third character (Warfare/Rogue) Yes she can dual Wield thats the point.


Picture 2:

One of my more up to date pictures of my 4th character which is a fire spell caster  and soon to have Spirit powers. Apparently these professions are not liked online for their power so just me and my friend will play with em. Oh you can see my Elementalist Guardian :lol: .


Picture 3:

Face planted turtle that gave me a nice shiny shell for a puzzle to put together then add to armor. Oh and my main character trying to catch up to the 3rd made character.


Picture 4:

My new looted armor piece. I thought my friend would of kept that piece but he gave that to me along with that shield you see in the bottom of the right corner. I looted that shield, gave it to him so he could give it to me from my 3rd character whos in Athens. Don't have storage devices in main game so this is how it works. I donno what that list is about but I think its the pieces you get you get a bonus?


Picture 5:

A weak combat picture for the people. Well thats the boss of the group i'm fighting and to be honest its a minor boss (minor, medium, Main, hero)


Picture 6:

My new fancy armor :P Oh and new sword also. Still can't use that shield :( I have it on when I left the game though. Never knew of this secret blacksmith.


Picture 7:

A more serious combat picture of me killing a group for more of XP purpose instead of loot since I wanted to wear that nice shield. A strong hero indeed.


Picture 8 (actually 9):

Finally with me and my shield. I'm in the oracle's temple where I get my main quest and I even adjusted my skills to wear this shield. Well have fun looking at the shininess.



Oh and please comment :P This game is more focused on the Co-op aspect that i'm stuck going constantly back to gain loot.

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