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Describe your Character!


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Just like the title says:

Tell us the stats, achievements, cool features, looks, armor, weapons, powers, feats, skills, etc. about your character.

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KotOR TSL (Xbox version, since I never beat the PC one because I know what happens  :P):

- Windu Wan Kenobi  :P: Jedi Knight,  he used one green lightsaber, had some good features, all lightsaber bonus features, and I stopped playing in Malachor V because the save game got corrupted;  :P

- Rayla... (I forgot the last name, is Rx'linst if I'm not mistaken): Jedi Master, uses two lightsabers, one purple and one blue, has lots of features, many good lightside powers (in the 3rd level of powers), had 21 strenght, all lightsaber focus features, some rare crystals, could wear heavy armor, use all the weapon categories, etc. I beat the game with her.

- In PC I also have Aelena Shal'Dar, Jedi Master, two lightsabers, etc... Like I said never beat the game in PC version...)


KotOR I (Xbox version too because I don't have this for PC):

- Rendar Qel Droma: last level of the lightside, lots of powers, used two lightsabers, one green and the other red I think, could wear heavy armor, a high charisma and intelligence, many lightside powers and Force Choke. Deadly with Jolee and Bastila in the party. He wore the Qel Droma robes that can be found in Korriban. Beat the game.

- Hezar Stark: last level of darkside, most darkside powers, such as Force Storm, used two red lightsabers, wore Dark Jedi Master robe. Very good if with HK-47 and Canderous. Was better using Force Powers than lightsabers. Beat the game too...



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  • 1 year later...

- Male

- Scoundral

- Has a double bladed sword

- Has a Enechi armor that has been modified.

- Has a cool Pazaak deck - few more cards also.

- Light Side.


edit: When my character was "rescuing" Bastila with the swoop race.

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A picture is worth a thousand words....

- Male Scoundrel/Sentinel


For those of you that are confused, I made Bastila wear light armor for two reasons: 1) higher defense and 2) I was RP-ing her hiding as a simple gunwoman so that the sith wouldn't recognize her.  The red armor was the only light armor I had available to give her at the time.  ;)  (Note her dual pistols)

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Name: Substance

Gender: Male

Class: Scoundral/Jedi Guardian

Weapon: Blue single lightsaber


Well I guess I'll make entries as I go on to record how my character changed.

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