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Titan Quest and Immortal Thrones


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Zip got me hooked onto it and I got him hooked onto Guild Wars (eye for an eye). Also if nobody chats on this forum i'ma hunt them down one by one *eg*


Well I created 3 characters and right now perfecting my 3rd one which is a warrior/rogue who can dual wield. I'm still looking for swords (Damage 30+) and i'm sure coming across some nice loot and items every now and then which sometimes keeps filling my loot bag. My first character is a Rogue/defense so I can actually kill fast and stay in that place for a while like a warrior but with tricks up his sleeves  :P My second one was more of a test on Hunter/Nature with the bow and well it needs more leveling.


I haven't played Titan Quest long enough to confirm if the maps reset or not but I went from single player to multiplayer with one and the maps just seemed to reset. I was stuck with the same boss after the Sparta outpost so I ran past him and had the guards kill off his body guards. What else could have I had done I was not prepared  :P Well the farther I got the better it gets and i'm almost level 10. I sometimes get random loot that would make you go "wtf" and just either keep it as collectibles or sell it. I'm at the point where I have 2 bags and I keep what I need in my second bag with my potions hogging the first big bag.


(edit: Edit, forgot to mention its between Guild Wars and WoW since the skill sets are WoW like and the professions are Guild Wars like. But for all I know these skills could be for all RPGS  such as KOTOR. Its a Singleplayer game where you can host online games.)


Ok so I don't keep ranting i'm actually lookin for people who have this game. If you do but you are a guest then sign up and message me and we could have some fun on games. This is what my game room I host now is:


Room: Greek Substanian

pass: ferrari1  <--so random noobs don't get in if there is some sort of lobby.

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Blah. Seriously play this game longer then 2 hours and you'll see how worthy it is. I made it from Greece to Egypt and I'm liking all the loot i'm getting. I also want to recruit mules to pick up all the loot and for those that you pick up is yours. Don't make a rich Greek hero(s) join me and Zip. I have Immortal Thrones and it improves things greatly so come join the hunt and we'll have fun. I swear by it that we'll have our fun. If you do get it post here or on my


xfire: ghostlysubstance.


Oh and if your not tempted then you will by the looks of the armor sets and how you want to gain all the loot. Here then check these old pictures out:


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Hey all i have Titan quest the gold edition



and i am stuck where you have to beat the Cyclops Monster

in Greece,Megara and enter Boetia


Now those aid soliders tied of pretty fast, and i have been running around him for hours I am just wondering how can you beat him ??? :'(

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Heh I need to install this on my new computer.  I already have NWN Diamond, The Witcher, Kotor 1&2, NWN 2 + MotB all installed.  How's that for RPG goodness?  Of course I will need to play through them all now.  ;)


Edit: Ghostly are you still looking at Sacred 2?

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