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Need Some Icons and Help adding SSD buildable,Death Star 1 and M.Jerjerrod


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Hey figured Id ask in this area. I need some Icons could someone help me with them.


1.Prince Xizor ( have one but I dont like it)

2.Griff ( From Star Wars Rebellion Game)

3. Nute Gunray

4.Princess Leia

5. Covell (Star Wars Rebellion)

6. Pellaeon (StarWars Rebellion)

7.Talon Karrde

8.Page (Star Wars Rebellion)


Help adding a Buildable SSD class. Cant figure out what Im doing wrong.


The Death Star 1 (One from EAW)


Make Moff Jerjerrod buildable but not a hero, I made several Minor-Heros available but they have ships or vehicles, but with Leadership like Tarkins and I know how to make 1 buildable at a time.


I made SD for Daala,Zaarin,Needa,Praji and Pellaeon. Also made a Mon Cal using z3r0x's latest mod 75 scaled up Dadoona ship and a AT-AT for Covell using Temp Icon. I also added The Merciless, a made up name, Variant of the Kedalbe and made it powerful with power to weapons and Shields and giving him Pietts Leadership abilities which leads me to ask three Questions...


1. Moff Jerjerrod attachable to any ship kindda like the Fleet Commanders but 1 at a time deal ( or Ill just attach a Image and some Leadership with help to Death Star 2)


2. How can I add a Land Version of Prince Xizor to work with my Ship I made for him like Vader  i.e. Vader Space SSD Executor, Vader Land Vader.

I know Xizor has been made buildable but as a hero I making him a Minor and Just want him Available ground. Can someone help with this?


3.Some Voices for Mon Mothma and Leia. Can someone help?


All the Minor Heros listed above where made without being Heros and Made Buildable like other units in respective Space or Land Tabs and 1 builldable at a time at certain Planets.


All help appreciated. Modding between FOC and BFME2 ROTWK is whooh....Mind in overload....anyway help is appreciated !

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