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Public Map 'Bank'


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A few time ago, I saw a new topic about a Public Map Bank... But I couldn't find it anymore to download the map and post my first addition to it!

So I started this new topic, but if there's already a topic like this, tell me because I didn't find in my search...


Endor: Conflict in the Gas Giant


DOWNLOAD LINK: http://files.filefront.com/Endor_Atmosphere_V10zip/;6733637;;/fileinfo.html






Small description of the map included in the Read-Me.



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Looks nice. You make me wanna start mapping right now!!


Hehe, thanks, I'm glad that you are willing to map again... Mapping, like modding, offer many possibilities to the game, we only need to be pacient to finish some maps  :P... How I would like to know how to code story files and LUAs...  ::) I'd do my own campaign...  ::) ...Unfortunately that's out of plans to me now...  :P

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the "Map Bank" is actually submitting it to the public, which you can't do for Mod-Maps.


Ahhhh I tried making an Endor Atmosphere Space map, but the skydone messed up. How'd you fix it? decreasing the size?


I would know how to code campaigns for FoC better if I had the decomplied story LUAs that petro opted not to provide us with, and alas, I have no experience in that field whatsoever. I have edited the EaW Rebel Campaign extensively, andi t was quite fun, until I couldn't debug it...


"That was fun"

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  • 4 weeks later...

New map!  ;D


DOWNLOAD LINK: http://files.filefront.com/Unknow_Planetrar/;6896487;;/fileinfo.html


The Unknow Planet - no, this isn't Lehon.


While attempting to map one sector of the galaxy in the Outer Rim, your fleet discovered a new planet that appears to have a very advanced technology. But it seems that someone else fleet found it before you. The guy who manage the sensors must be fire, because he should have detected an enemy star base in the area before we hyperspaced ours. Well, go there and crush the enemy... Than fire that stupid guy...  :P




Please, open your SpaceProps.xml and copy the following code under the planets backdrop area:

	<SpaceProp Name="Unknow Planet Background">
	<Text_ID />
	<Is_Decoration> No </Is_Decoration> <!-- Anything with a behavior other than IDLE can not be tagged as a decoration -->
    <Is_Discardable> No </Is_Discardable>
	<Loop_Idle_Anim_00> Yes </Loop_Idle_Anim_00>
	<Idle_Anim_00_Rate_Mod> 1.0 </Idle_Anim_00_Rate_Mod>
	<In_Background> Yes </In_Background>
	<Is_Visible_On_Radar> Yes </Is_Visible_On_Radar>

	  <!-- When destroyed by tactical super weapon - Death Star -->
	  <Death_Explosions> Tactical_Planet_Explode_300x_Particle </Death_Explosions>
	  <Death_SFXEvent_Start_Die> Planet_Death_SFX </Death_SFXEvent_Start_Die>
	  <Death_By_TSW_Replacements> Destroyed_Planet_Remains_Part_1, Destroyed_Planet_Remains_Part_2 </Death_By_TSW_Replacements>


Have fun!  :D

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Filefront is currently performance network maintenance, when they finish it, I shall see.  ;)


EDITED: Hey Dark_Lord, aren't you sure that it was bacause FF was down for maintence and you get an error? Because the links worked fine for me and when I clicked in the Download buttons, both of my maps started the download.  ???

Edited by HK-47
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Yep. That new space map is 20x20 if I'm not mistaken. You can use the Eclipse in it without any problens - although using the Eclipse in skirmish wouldn't be funny - and you can use the SSD in most of my space maps without problens too, except for asteroid fields  ;D.
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