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The Untitled Mod

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Hello,its me From the Untitled Mod.


The Untitled Eaw mod is a mod for Forces of Corruption that plans to greatly expand on the Current era and add a few more e.g. (This comes straight from our site)


Clone Wars Era


"There hasn't been a full-scale war since the formation of the Republic."

-Sio Bibble


Rise of the Empire Era


"Once more, the Sith will rule the Galaxy� And we shall have peace."



New Republic Era


"We, the beings of the Galaxy, in order to form a free union of planets, establish justice, provide for common peace and prosperity, and to secure liberty for all being, do ordain and establish this New Republic. Let the stars sing! Let the planets shout! Let the Republic begin!"

-Excerpt from the Declaration of a New Republic


New Jedi Order Era


"A peaceful Galactic Alliance is the strongest pillar of a peaceful Galaxy."

-Luke Skywalker


Vong Invasion


"I had fought the worst of all wars, and witnessed the redemption of evil. I've seen balance restored to the Force. But order can turn to chaos� as it did when I was born. Now, with my loved ones and my loyal allies, I face a new challenge unlike any before. And I'm not sure if this time we can win."

-Luke Skywalker


Thrawns Expeditions Era (Same Time as RotE Era)


"History is on the move, Captain. Those who cannot keep up will be left behind, to watch from a distance. And those who stand in our way will not watch at all."

-Grand Admiral Thrawn


New Faction for Thrawns Expeditions GC




Baron Soontir Fel

Captain Pelleaon

Maarek Stele Look









Tie Fighter

Tie Bomber

Tie Interceptor

Tie Avenger






Clone Troopers(Very weak, not buidable, only a few at the Start)

Storm Commandos Phase I

Storm Commandos Phase II

AT-AT Prototype(Only towards the End)


Refurbished AT-RT

Pod Walker

Scout Bikers

Laat Gunship


E-Web Blaster Crew



All ground fighters will be squads of 4 and all ground Bombers will be 2

Underworld Space power weakend

Space fighters have more in a squad, excludes Tie Defender and XJ wing

Space stations stronger

New Galactic conquest wich replaces Heart of the Maw.

New Galactic Conquest Thrawns Expeditions

Enhanced Galactic Conquest Equal footing



Any one who is willing to Join the Mod please post here. Any ideas for the Mod will also be greatly appreciated.


Our site is...http://www.galaxyatwar.net/index.htm

Yes, it was a members old site but it now is for our mod.

Our forums are...http://s8.invisionfree.com/Untitled_EAW_mod/



The Defender Star Destroyer









And the Thrawn Mark SD







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You can't link to a pic on your HD. Upload to imageshack or some image hosting site then link.



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Untitled EaW?

Nice name. :)


Wonder what confusion another "UEAW" will bring :D


I am very eager to hear more on those Thrawn Expeditions

to Bria Tharen!



http://www.vereinte-nationen.de/german.gif Ich spreche auch Deutsch.

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