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Does FoC run on Radeon 7500?

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I'm just curious if Forces of Corruption runs on the Radeon 7500 chipset? If anyone has tried.  I was quite disappointed when it wasn't on the supported chipset list, but that doesn't mean it won't run on it.



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I'm not clear about whether this card is already in your system or you are looking to buy it. If you are looking to buy, I'd buy GeForce also. If you have this in your system, one way to find out whether it might run is to download the demo.
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Don't waste your money on a Radeon.Go GeForce.Thrust me! ;)


Okay...if you say so. *Thrusts Lord of the Sith out of a window*  ;D


I concur. Geforce is better in my opinion unless you get the very best graphics card available, which in that case, Raedon wins.

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To anwser his original question, yes the game will work on the lowest settings even on the Mobility version of the Radeon 7500 with 64mb's or ram.


To be honest with you I have played the game on the following cards in order of worst to best graphics:


Mobility Radeon 7500 DirectX 7 Card 64mb Dedicated, 2.0 ghz P4 Northwood

Xpress 200M DirectX 9 integrated graphics controller 128mb Shared AMD Sempron 2800 1.4ghz(I think)

Geforce Go 7600 DirectX 9 256mb Dedicated AMD Turion 64 X2 1.8 ghz


In Empire at War the difference isn't as great as I was expecting between the lowest settings and the highest settings. Also they all played fine in terms of frames with no lag once it was fully patched. However the from a coding standpoint DX9 is a lot more powerful then DX7 and there are a lot of games that need the pixel shader support found in DX8 and above.


In terms of Radeon vs. Geforce it goes back and forth from time to time.


In Dedicated Laptop Cards for the past year or so Nvidia has easily outpaced ATI in performance. However, it appears that then new ATI X2300 will change that around at least for a little while.


In Dedicated Desktop Cards ATI makes the fastest single DirectX 9 Card whereas Nvidia holds the lead in multiple graphics cards on the chip and in dual graphics card setups with SLI.  Nvidia was also first to release a DirectX 10 Card that is faster then any other single graphics card.


When it comes right down to it, the actual card specs matter more then the maker of the chip.  For example a Moblity Radeon X1800 is better then a Geforce GO 7600 just because the card has greater number or core processing units.


Finally, in a game like Empire at War the programers influence the speed more then anything else, games are rarely written to take advantage of the very lastest technology.  Often times the game will also end up being bound by some other resource besides the actual graphics processing chip, such as graphics memory, main memory, or the main CPU.

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