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My Minimod and another announcement.....For those that are interested


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Hi all. Even though I know theres not many that are interested I've made a little bit of progress with my minimod and its been updated to v1.1 (this has been submitted to EaWfiles.com) to include the following:


- Corrected some minor text entries which I only noticed recently.

- Updated the Legacy textures so they are now 512*512 pixel sized instead of 256*256.

- Added the Sovereign SSD to the imperial side (Its not correctly sized in any way shape or form and its not 100% balanced to the game, but is functional).

- Added a new Utapau beta map which was kindly given to me by HK47.


With this minimod I'll be updating it to v2.0 with the following planned:


- Update for the consortium of one capital ship class.

- Attempt to rebalance the consortium side so that the side is much less powerful than it is.

- Some small additions including more maps (again generously provided by HK47).



Now to other news:


I've noticed that whilst there is alot of projects on the go (apparently some 40 on MODDB), there is not one based on WING COMMANDER. Therefore, I'm going to make a start on slowly creating this project. How far it goes at this very early stage is anyones guess, but the following is a general outline of the mods content:


- It will change as much of FoC as possible with there being three playable sides (I'm not going to even attempt to make a completely new playable side as my modding capabilities for this game are no where near advanced enough), with a fourth replacing the additional units provided by the Pirate side.

- Skirmish is the first target for this and it'll only be a space based mod (I have very limited skill with regards to creating animated human style models anyway). Its currently unknown whether this will spread to a GC game, and I've no idea how much of the GUI I can change but we'll see how things progress. Anyway, planned ship structure is 4-6 capital ships with around 6-8 fighter classes per side. Of course there will be one starbase for each side, and certain elements of the original game will remain (such things as the turrets, mining facilities etc.etc).


Anyway, I'll update this thread with any further information as it comes around of if anyone wants to know anything.

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I wonder how many people here really played Wing Commander back then :)

Do ya'll remember the budget raises they had from game to game ;)


Hey, sound cool to me, would love to frag some Killrathi.

to Bria Tharen!



http://www.vereinte-nationen.de/german.gif Ich spreche auch Deutsch.

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Sorry guys. I'm still sorting out the last section for my minimods update before I start on the big work. Not to worry though. I have got a very ragged ship list, so I'll be able to post some screenshots soon. Can everyone remember though that some of the ship aren't of great quality but will serve the purpose thats required.
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Any progress in the SW FoC minimod?

Ah, and did you test the maps (the Peragus XII one and 'The Last Legacy') that I send to you some time ago? Ah, and did I send the Hoth map to you?

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