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One battle changed it all


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Hi fellow Rebellion players.


I hade the great enyojment of playing this game for almost a whole year (1999) online with another human player. It is when this game rocks and it becomes a real challange.


I had played againt my opponent for several rounds and he never actually have beaten me. In this particular round way in the game he shows up with his hughe rebellion fleet over one of my systems. I was chocked. I couldnt match that fleet and I felt this was most likely the first time he would be the winner.


Anyway, dont just roll over and die is a motto of mine so I scrambled my whole fleet that would be about 3/5 in strenght in comparision. Charged to attack his fleet. My objective was clearly not to win that battle thus I had no chance of it. My objective was to damage so many ships I could and disable his hyperspace cabability of his main ships. I actually managed so damage more than 50% of his fleet over one of my systems before my fleet was shot to pieces.


Now I had nothing, but refocused my effort to build shipyards and ships only. Everything was secondary. I knew his fleet would be stranded if he didnt split it up and left his damaged ships with no hyperspace cabability. Still he had the advantage point in capabilities of building ships and also had ships in fighting condition.


Anyway, He actually went on the defensive instead and gave me breathing space to build a new strong fleet. I was then able to start turning the war over to his systems and evantually win. I was stunned to pull that stunt I still was conviced to lose that round.


After several months l8er we discussed about this particular round and he remebered it very clearly. He told me that he actually believed I had another fleet stacked somewhere since I could afford just to sacrifice all ships like i did. I never thought of that, But it certinally explained why he went on the defensive instead of pushing on the offensive.


It was a battle which I lost that canged it all. My most remebered battle in all the years of playing Rebellion.


Also, Rebellion is only truly fun to play against another human player. Then real strategy is implemented!



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Neat story and a reminder that you should never give up. But I would have liked more specifics: which side did you play? What were the fleets composed of?
Here goes nothing! - Lando
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Hi Boshek!


I actually mentioned that he attacked me with his rebellion fleet :) Not quite clear I admint so here it is.


I was playing imps. He was playing Rebels.


This was back in 1999 so I dont remember exactly the number of ships we had, But he had like 10 capital ships or so, I had less.


It was a furios battle! And I lost it but won the round!



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