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I´m looking for some "Voiceactors" for my Mod. If somebody has time to speak just a few sentences for me, it would be very great.

You only need a clearly voice, a microphone/headset, Windows Recorder and some time.


Here the sentences you have to speak:

(You can make the sentence a bit different, but the meaning must be the same ;))


1. Escort Carrier

"Escort Carrier is ready"- normal

"We are ready to fight" - self adjusting

"Target eliminated"- happy


2. Dark Jedi

"I´m ready, my Master"- with dark voice

"Nearly finished"- sneaky




1. Liberator

"Liberator Carrier here"- normal

"Status is OK, sir" - loud

"Enemy Ship is destroyed"- happy




1. Goliat

"Heavy Carrier is ready"- normal

"Seeking target"- sneaky


2. Aggressor fighter

"Fighter is ready"- normal

"We are going in"- loud

"Target completely destroyed"- loud


Your award would be, that many people hear your voice in the game.

If you finished to speak of a unit, just upload it and sent it to me ;)


I would be very thankful if somebody could do this ;)

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You should send the Aggressor one to MajoyPayne...

And me! :D

And all Aggressor users.

"I feel fantastic and I'm

Still Alive

and when you're dying I will be

Still Alive

and when you're dead I will be

Still Alive


Anybody who thinks Palpatine is a sepratist knows NOTHING about star Wars

When in doubt- rocket it.

Dowload The Underworld's Might beta from Filefront!

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lol me too...skiprays sounds = bad lol.


Well, If I have enough time at school, I'll record them on the mac, then send it over to here, hopefully that will work (since I don't thin I can run GarageBand with Windows, and I don't have a Mic at home anyway)...but I might be able to get some of the sounds. Quality depends on if my friends or my teacher(s) are listening to music and if they are using earphones or not...


Or, I'll just do it on my sister's computer XD...oh wait, why am I such an idiot...


"That was fun"

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  • 2 months later...

I don´t know why but a long time I forgot about the new Sound...


But GeneralVeersB1 just send me a great sample for the escort Carrier.

If somebody else is interested in Voiceacting, just tell me, I´d need many more than in the List above ;)


Oh here is one of GeneralVeersB1 great sound Samples

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Glad you guys enjoy it so much!  ;D

Trust me, I had just as much fun making them.  ;)


Today, I plan on getting the Dark Jedi and Liberator sounds recorded. I'll keep you posted!


Hey, Dark_Lord, just let me know what other dialog you need, and I'll see what I can do. I'm more than willing to get you whatever you need!


BTW: For future reference, how do I attach a file to a post?

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Oh, I should have noticed that option sooner, silly me... :P


Well I have Nero Wave Editor on my PC, so I just use that.


Generally speaking, yes all you need is a microphone (Plugged into your computer, preferably  ;))

You can use any program that allows recording via mic, just make sure when you save the final product, that the file is mono format (instead of stereo, this makes the file size smaller), and make sure it is 16 bit (so it is good clear quality, like mine!). Pretty much what Droid803 said a few posts ago.


My god, I'm working like a mad man! I just finished the Dark Jedi and Liberator Cruiser dialog, check it out!


I'm also going to see if I can come up with a good accent to use for the Underworld units, should be interesting.

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I can't believe!  :-x

I bought a new headphone that had a microphone, and borrow Nero Wave Editor from a friend of mine, just installed everything, and when I was going to use, I simply broke the phone... An accident with the connectors plugged in PC and I smashed half of the phone -.- ... It's sound quality was amazing - played BFII with it before installing the Nero Wave Editor...

Sorry about the madness, but if you already lived a situation like this or worst you may understand me...  :P

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I could use some Jan phrases, but I don't want to rip them from the JK Series as that would be porting, wouldnt it?

I would think so but as long as it stays here on PFF I wouldnt think it would be a problem. Anyways JK is so old i bet LA doesnt even keep track of it any more. lol  ;)

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