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Aion - The Tower of Eternity


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The game not the movie or whatever I heard before. Well heres all I know about this game and hope its like Guild Wars biggrin.gif


- 3 factions but 2 playable. Angels and Demons with a non-playable Dragon faction

- You can fly freely and climb mountains freely

- If one faction over-whelms the dragon faction attacks the stronger faction. Being a controlling faction you can say.

- Everything you do effects the world so things from server to server will be different

- 8 classes - Ranger, Wizard, healer, Warrior (4)

- PVP and PVE worlds? Hope its split or else it would get out of control.




Hopefully this topic doesn't die since it shows how much better it would be then Guild Wars and WoW combined  :P I seriously hope its free like Guild Wars.




- http://download.gametrailers.com/gt_vault/t_aion_2.mov

- http://video.google.ca/videoplay?docid=3008631302446943956&q=aion

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Yes, just look in your Nightfall 2006-2007 Product Catalog for it  ;D. Wonder if theres a flying limit though since people tend to land and just walk. Currency could be gold as usual and wonder if there will be a guild hall or city in PVE world. I'm thinking if I should be a warrior or a wizard but I need to know about the 4 other unheard of classes and need to know if it releases to North America.





Guild Wars body armor and character designs mixed with WoW names and scenery mixed with Monster Hunter Freedom (PSP) combat like system.



(left to right top to bottom)

Assassin body, Nightfall Warrior face, Elementalist face and body armor, Ranger head and body armor.


Unconfirmed rumor:

- Mobs can get smarter and set up ambushes the longer you are in the zone.



edit: My bad this game is almost like Guild Wars and Lineage 2  :lol:



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