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droidekka anims


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has anybody managed to replicate the droidekkas shield off when moving? for some reason i cant get it to work, looking at the code it all seems pretty simple, i think i may be missing something small. I have added the old separatists droidekka and all the animations are named exactly the same, as well as the shield and all, and even if i just replace the existing consortium's droidekka, the shield off when moving doesnt work. Also when it stops it plays the deploy anim but then does not actually stay deployed (or at least look deployed), its all rather wierd and im just wondering if anybody else has looked into the droidekkas code?
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Where'd you get the old model with shields???


Keeper's doesn't have a shield.


Could I please have the model with the shield?


Anyways, I think it has to do with the mesh name. This line of code


Change that to the name of the shield mesh

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You do realize that Darkrider is on IA 2 and that Keeper released his model sources?


I'm not sure about the mesh naming and coding, but you might try to hide and reveal it as a part of the anims. I'd never tried this before, but it just might work.



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i have the shield sub mesh name right in the code


i dont particularly want to hide and reveal as anims as the game blends anims 2gether and the shield tends to rise from the ground or whatever, it just looks wierd...


and yeah its for IA2 so a no can do on the model release. Adding a shield isnt really hard, just use an alo viewer to get the settings off the consortiums droidekka

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