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The Art of War and Empire at War?

Mikan Cyclone

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As many of you know, there is a book called Sun Tzu's Art of War.  This book tells you everything you would ever need to know about war strategy, and while it is written in old times when chariots were high-tech, Just a small mental upgrading of the context could give you everything you want to know.  Of course, it's only really good against human players =P


"All warfare is based on deception.  When able to attack, seem unable, when using our forces, we must seem inactive, when we are near the enemy, we must seem far off, when far away, we must seem that we are near.  Hold out baits to deceive the enemy, feign disorder, and crush him.  If he is secure at all points, be prepared for him, if he is of superior strength, evade him.  If he gets angry easily, seek to irritate him.  Pretend to be weak, so he can grow arrogant.  If he is taking his taking his time, give him no rest.  Attack where he is not prepared, appear where you are not expected." -Sun Tzu 


Aren't those great tips?  And that's only half of chapter one =P.  I highly suggest you check it out, it's good for any RTS game. 




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That is a great quote. I've heard much about the book, and agree with Mikan that it applys to EAW and really any strategy game.

Note: I am Sun Tzu. Seriously. It took a long time to write that book.


@ Mikan: Post more quotes from the(my)book and if you need to, I would be glad to apply it directly to EAW or other games.


-Sun Tzu(Dorkthehunter)

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Trust me...I'm a professional.


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so your 2550 years old and have been dead for 2502 years?

i agree with mikan and dork that it applys to any strategy game


Edit: another book that could be applyed to EaW would be The Thirty-Six Strategies

here is a brief run-down of the 36 strategies



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