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Just curious if anyone else has had my problem, is aware of it, or knows a solution to it. I've been playing SWR on and off sicne it was released so overlook the most obvious errors a newbie might make! ;)


Used to play SWR on my old computer with Win 95 and no problems whatsoever. I got a new computer, one with a ton of RAM, fast processor, etc and Win 98. The game installs fine but when I go to play it acts up. Seems my computer doesn't LIKE 480X600 graphics setting. If I change it in the properties the screen wabbles up and down so fast that I can barely undo it. So the problem...same thing occurs whenever I attempt to paly SWR on my computer. I play dozens of other games without incident. And I've installed SWR on two otehr computers without a problem, so I know it's not a fauty disk issue. Does anyone have a clue what might cause this or how best to rsolve it. Dyign to play head ot head games and this is the only computer I have that I can carry out such a task. Any help is appreciated. I asked this same question on the old forum and nevr received a solution, hoping desperately someone here might have something else to offer in the way of rectification. Thanks again....

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Guest Scathane

We had another member posting something similar a while ago. I don't know whether there was an answer to that but it just might be worth your while if you browse the forums.


As far as my suggestions go... Have you tried installing the 1.01 patch? Furthermore, your computer has a newer directX version. Did you install the dX version that came on the CD or did you leave it. If you did reinstall, try installing the newest dX version for W98 then reinstall Rebellion without installing the dX version from the CD.


I'm most interested in these types of question because we seem to lack a good tech FAQ on this site as yet. Keep us posted of your progress.

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